Best 12ft Hammock Stands

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Hammock stands come in all shapes and sizes with each manufacturer using different terminology and weight measurements which makes it very difficult to find the right stand. Luckily, I’m a veteran when it comes to hammock stands and can spot a good one a mile away.

In this guide, I’ve reviewed all of the 12-foot hammock stands currently on the market and compiled all of my findings in a standardized format to help you choose the best one.

What Size Hammock Do I Need for a 12 Foot Stand?

The general rule is that a hammock should be 2 feet shorter than the hammock stand. This means that you will need a 10-foot hammock for a 12-foot hammock stand.

However, some hammock stands have space-saving designs that can accommodate a broader range of lengths. It’s always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Best 12ft Hammock Stands

These are the best 12-foot hammock stands currently available:

Below you’ll find more details about each recommendation along with the key specs.

Best Overall: Sunny Daze 12ft

Suitable for broad range of hammock sizes
Treated with non-toxic oil
Comes with a one-year warranty

Length: 12ft // Weight Capacity: 400lbs // Material: Wood (Russian Pine) // Price: $$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 8-11feet // Hammock Included? No

My top pick is this elegant 12 foot hammock stand from Sunny Daze which is made from Russian Pinewood, a variety known for being strong whilst maintaining a rustic appearance. The wood has been treated with a non-toxic oil that will protect against the rain and UV rays from the sun.

The stand is 12ft long and 4’3ft tall. It’s suitable for hammocks between 8-11ft long and has a 400lbs weight capacity which makes it ideal for sharing a double hammock.

There is no hammock included, but both gathered end-style hammocks and those with spreader bars will be suitable. I can highly recommend pairing it with a Sunny Daze hammock too.

Sunny Daze are one of the largest brands in the hammock equipment space and all of their products come with a standard one-year warranty.

Budget Pick: Lazy Daze 12ft

Cheapest hammock stand reviewed
Three different finishes available
Does not look as premium as a wooden stand
Lower weight capacity than others

Length: 12ft // Weight Capacity: 275lbs // Material: Steel // Price: $ // Recommended Hammock Size: 10ft // Hammock Included? No

This next 12ft hammock stand is made from steel tubing which makes it lightweight (37.5lbs) and easy to move around. It’s suitable for use indoors and outside, plus it comes with a convenient carry case for putting away or transporting.

The steel has been powder coated which is a process of applying paint so that it protects against water and oxidation. It comes in a variety of finishes: green, black, or coffee frosted.

It’s the cheapest 12 foot stand on the market, however, it also has the lowest weight capacity of all those I reviewed at 275lbs so it’s only suitable for single hammocks. There is no hammock included.

Best with Hammock: Petra 12ft

Teak stain finish will suit any backyard
Very affordable
Comes with a spreader bar hammock
Low weight capacity is only suitable for one person

Length: 12ft // Weight Capacity: 300lbs // Material: Wood (European Larch Wood) // Price: $$ // Hammock Included? Yes (Spreader Bar)

If you’re looking to buy both a stand and hammock together, this 12 foot stand from Petra is a great pick and very affordable compared to buying them separately.

The stand is made from European larch wood which is one of the strongest softwoods giving the stand a maximum capacity of 450lbs. Despite being very durable, it’s surprisingly cheap to get hold of which is why the stand offers great value for money.

The stand has been water treated so it can be left out year-round and has a teak stain finish. As with all wooden hammock stands, I’d recommend applying a fresh varnish annually and using a stand cover in the winter.

Included is a beige quilted hammock which is perfectly sized to fit the stand and has a 300lb weight capacity which is suitable for one adult. The stand could also be used with a Brazilian or Mayan hammock if desired.

Best for Indoors: Castaway

Lightweight and slim makes it perfect for use indoors
Comes with a bohemian style Brazilian hammock
Weigh capacity is best suited to single occupant hammocks

Length: 12ft // Weight Capacity: 350lbs // Material: Steel // Price: $$ // Hammock Included? Yes (Brazilian)

The 12ft Castaway hammock stand has a slim profile and is very lightweight which makes it an ideal pick for use indoors or to hang a hammock on your balcony.

It’s another steel stand that has been coated to add extra protection when outdoors. The stand is easily assembled as all the pieces clip together with no tools required. This means you can also take it down easily when not in use.

The stand comes bundles with a Brazilian hammock that has a bohemian style with fringe tassels that would look great in any home. The hammock is a double size at 4’3ft wide, however, the stand is not suitable for more than one person due to its 350lb weight capacity. That just means you’ll have plenty of room to get comfy.

Most Versatile: Sunny Daze Universal Stand

Versatile stand that will fit a range of hammock sizes and styles
Ideal for using larger hammocks in small spaces
Heavy-duty 550lb weight limit can easily accommodate two people
Not actually a 12-foot stand

Length: 10’4ft // Weight Capacity: 550lbs // Material: Steel // Price: $$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 9-14 feet // Hammock Included? No

I’m including the Sunny Daze Universal Stand as an alternative recommendation. It’s not a 12ft hammock stand, coming in at around 10’4ft long. However, its space-saving design means it’s still suitable for the same hammocks that you’d use on a 12-foot stand.

The stand is made from steel tubing which is lightweight whilst still providing a lot of strength. The design is stable and makes the stand suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

It can hold any hammock between 9-14ft long and being a heavy-duty stand it has a mammoth weight capacity of 550lbs which is more than enough for two adults to share.

There are multiple different ways you can hang a hammock so you can get the sag and ground clearance to your liking. The stand truly is universal, being suitable for both gathered end and spreader bar style hammocks providing they are within the size limits.