Best Mayan Hammocks

Despite Mayan civilization ending in the ninth century, one of their legacies that has spread across the globe is the Mayan hammock. Personally, I think the Mayan style is my preferred choice of hammock, they are lightweight, well balanced and overall very comfortable. There’s nothing better than cocooning yourself in a big Mayan hammock and … Read more

Best Hammocks for Your Backyard

If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard, then a hammock is the perfect addition. You can create a cozy lounging area where you can soak up the rays whilst reading a book, or simply take an afternoon nap. There are lots of great hammocks to choose between, some are better suited to outdoor areas … Read more

Best Indoor Hammocks

Hammocks might be traditionally thought of as outdoor products, but they are equally great indoors too. In fact, being free of any concerns about weather resistance means you can opt for the comfiest hammocks to lounge around your home. In this guide I’ll share some of my favourite indoor hammocks that will give you the … Read more

11 Best Portable Hammock Stands

The idyllic scene of a hammock usually involves two palm trees and a picturesque view across the ocean or rainforest. But we all know that in reality, it’s not always as insta-worthy. Sometimes you just need a simple set up that doesn’t rely on perfectly placed posts. Well, that’s possible thanks to portable hammock stands. … Read more

6 Best Hammock Stands for Van or Car Camping

Whilst traditional camping might involve a trek to your desired destination, travelling to a campsite by car or van is just as popular. This saves lugging your equipment around and allows you to set up a base camp to explore the surrounding area. Campsites aren’t ideal for hanging a hammock, you’ll be lucky if you … Read more

Best Budget Hammock Stands Under $100

Hammock stands come in all shapes and sizes with options to suit every budget. So, whether you’re looking to spruce up your backyard on a budget or create an affordable place to hang out on your balcony,  there’s a stand for everyone. In this guide I’ve pulled together my top recommended hammock stands priced under … Read more

7 Best Hammock Stands

A hammock between two posts or hanging from trees usually looks better for the snaps, but in reality, it’s not always possible to find two objects with the right distance between them. That’s where a hammock stand comes in. Hammock stands come in all shapes and sizes, with some aimed at a permanent fixture in … Read more