7 Best Macrame Hanging Chairs

Macrame is a crafting technique using knots and weaving to make textiles. One of the biggest macrame trends has been bohemian-style hanging chairs. The general style of a macrame chair doesn’t change from brand to brand so they can often seem very similar. However, I’ve put together this guide to help you understand what makes … Read more

11 Best Egg Chairs

Egg chairs are a great way to create a cozy nook for relaxing whilst still adding a touch of class to your home. Whether you’ll be hanging your egg chair outdoors on your patio or indoors from your ceiling, there are plenty of styles to choose between. In this guide, I’ll share this year’s best … Read more

7 Best Hanging Pods [For Adults and Kids]

Hanging pods (also known as swing pods, hanging tent pods, and many other names) are the perfect addition to your home and can be strung up from a tree in your garden, a beam indoors, or a dedicated hanging pod stand. Unlike a hammock chair, a hanging pod allows you more freedom to choose a … Read more

7 Ways to Hang a Hammock Chair [Indoors and Out]

Hammock chairs are a great investment that can be used in your home, the backyard, or even whilst out camping. Unlike regular hammocks which have two support points to distribute the weight, a hammock chair is typically carrying the same weight across one support point so you must be extra careful where you set them … Read more

9 Best Hammock Chairs for Every Occasion

If you’ve been dreaming of a cozy hammock corner in your home but don’t have the space, a hammock chair is a great alternative that’s just as comfortable to hang out in. There are several different styles, materials, and brands of hammock chairs on the market so it can be tough to choose between them. … Read more

7 Best Hammock Chair Stands for Every Budget

So, you’ve got yourself a brand new hammock chair or swing and you’re looking for a drill-free way to hang it up. That’s where a hammock chair stand comes in. I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing and comparing all of the stands on the market. In this guide, I’ll share my top recommendations for … Read more