Best Quilted Hammocks

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If you’re looking for a hammock with a little more durability, then a quilted hammock might be just what you need. The spreader bars give them an open design that many hammock dwellers prefer, and their polyester material makes caring for them a doddle.

Quilted hammocks are all very similar that it can be hard to distinguish the differences between them and choose which one to buy. In this guide, I’ve picked out some of my favourite quilted hammocks and shared the pros and cons of each.

What is a Quilted Hammock?

A quilted hammock is not a traditional type of hammock and has been adapted for the western market. It’s usually constructed with synthetic materials (mainly polyester) with two pieces of fabric that have been sewn together. Polyester is really durable, however it’s not the most comfortable so there is often a stuffing in between the fabric, this is usually polyester too.

Quilted hammocks always have a spreader bar across the suspension strings which give it an open appearance and is preferred by those new to hammocks or children as it can be easier to get in. Because of the way they are made, quilted hammocks will usually have eyelets that connect the strings to the hammock itself, although in some hammocks the strings run all the way through.

Spreader bars give the hammock a higher center of gravity which makes them more prone to tipping, however, to combat this some manufacturers have started using curved spreader bars that helps push the weight towards the middle.

Best Quilted Hammocks

My top recommended quilted hammocks are:

Below are my full reviews of each quilted hammock to help you decipher the key differences between them.

Zupapa Quilted Hammock

Innovative curved spreader bar
Carry case, chains and s-hooks included
One year warranty
11ft length is suitable for most stands and hanging spots

Total Length: 11ft  //  Bed Size: Double (6’3ft x 4’5ft)  //  Weight Capacity: 450lbs  //  Material: Polyester

The hammock is made from two layers of polyester with extra stuffing inside also made of polyester to give it a little more comfort. It’s relatively weatherproof, although I’d still recommend keeping it inside when not in use as it can take a while to dry.

It has a bamboo spreader bar that can be split down via the clip in the middle which makes it easier to put away. The spreader bar is curved which provides a little more stability over a straight spreader bar.

The strings run through the entire length of the hammock from hook to hook via 18 pores through the middle, this is why the hammock is so strong and has a 450lb weight capacity.

The total length, from hook to hook is 11ft which is the shortest of those I reviewed so should fit in the most places. Nonetheless, the bed size is still a standard 6’3ft x 4’5ft. The hammock comes with a carry case, chains and s-hooks. It also comes with a one-year warranty from Zupapa

Sunny Daze Quilted Hammock

Wider design to better accommodate two people
12 vibrant patterns to choose from
High quality product
Most expensive quilted hammock
No carry case included

Total Length: 11’3ft  //  Bed Size: Double (6’2ft x 4’7ft)  //  Weight Capacity: 450lbs  //  Material: Polyester

If having a great looking hammock is key to you, then take a look at the 12 colourful designs of this Sunny Daze hammock, each with vibrant patterns that shout summer vibes.

This hammock is made from heavy duty polyester which is really durable and gives it a 450lb weight limit. It could be left out most of the year although I would advise that you put it away when not in use. The hammock is lightweight; however, it doesn’t come with any carry case so you may wish to purchase one of these too.

Sunny Daze make some of the top hammock stands which you can either purchase separately, or you can usually pick up a good deal if you by a hammock and stand combo. As with all Sunny Daze products, the hammock comes with a one-year warranty which is a good sign of the quality.

Ohuhu Curved Bar Hammock

Curved spreader bar adds some balance
Very affordable
Attached is a plump head pillow that’s also waterproof

Total Length: 11’8ft  //  Bed Size: Double (6’3ft x 4’7ft)  //  Weight Capacity: 450lbs  //  Material: Polyester

Ohuhu’s quilted hammock is made from polyester with a curved bamboo spreader bar. Spreader bar hammocks are renowned for being tippy, so the curved bar is designed to help with this. It does make it better but the high center of gravity remains a key reason why these hammocks are the most well balanced.

The hammock itself is made from polyester as you’ll find with most quilted hammocks. This gives it an element of resistance to rain and means you can easily wipe dirt off it or give it a good scrub down without worrying about damaging the material. The spreader bar has a metal clip in the middle which allows it to be broken in half so that you can easily store or transport the hammock.

Despite being a budget priced hammock, it still has a 450lb weight capacity, so the strength hasn’t been impacted. The hammock comes with an attached head pillow which is a decent size and quite plump. The pillow is also made of polyester, so you don’t need to worry about leaving this out with the hammock.

Patio Watchers Hammock

Textilene material is very weather resistant
Choose from six modern patterns
Unusual for seller to count chain length in overall hammock size – ring to ring this is 11’3ft
No padding between the layers

Total Length: 11’3ft (14ft with chains)  //  Bed Size: Double (6’5ft x 4’7ft)  //  Weight Capacity: 450lbs  //  Material: PVC Coated Polyester

This Patio Watchers hammock is the most durable product around thanks to it’s textilene material, which is a PVC coated polyester, known for being extremely weatherproof and really easy to wipe down. The spreader bar is made from wood with a weather proof coating.

Unlike most other quilted hammocks, this one does not have any padding in between the two layers, this means it’s a bit flatter and not as comfy, although it does dry really quickly.

The hammock is sold as being 14ft, but this is including the chains, the actual hammock is 11’3ft which is about the standard size of a quilted hammock. There are 6 designs to choose between which have really modern patterns

It isn’t the easiest to store away as the spreader bars don’t break down, however it’s so weather resistant that you can leave it up for most of the year with no problem.

Lazy Days Quilted Fabric Hammock

Polyethylene padding improves comfort
Washes really well
Longest bed length
Attached pillow is quite small for the hammock size

Total Length: 11’9ft  //  Bed Size: Double (6’6ft x 4’7ft)  //  Weight Capacity: 450lbs  //  Material: Polyester

This Lazy Days quilted hammock is made from polyester material with a polyethylene padding that’s very noticeable. It has a straight spreader bar that’s made from hardwood that has been coated in oil. It has a matching head pillow for extra support and comfort, however the pillow does seem quite small for the size of the hammock.

It’s available in two colours, red and blue, that both look superb, and the material washes really well so you’ll be able to get off any dirt that finds its way on to it.

As far as strength, the ropes are made from polyester which is known for it’s ability to resist stretching compared to cotton. It supports a total weight of 450lbs and comes with chains and s hooks included.

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