7 Best Hammock Stands

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A hammock between two posts or hanging from trees usually looks better for the snaps, but in reality, it’s not always possible to find two objects with the right distance between them. That’s where a hammock stand comes in.

Hammock stands come in all shapes and sizes, with some aimed at a permanent fixture in your backyard, or others designed for taking out and about. There are even some for suitable for indoor use.

In this guide, I’ll share the very best hammock stands currently on the market and help you decide which is best.

Hammock Stand Buyers Guide

Some hammock stands have the option of adding a hammock with the purchase to ensure you get the perfect match. But if you want to buy them separately, or already have a favourite hammock, then you just need to ensure they are a good match.

Here are the key considerations:


Size does matter when it comes to hammock stands. You need to ensure that your hammock stand is at least the width of your hammock, although some experts recommend it should be two feet bigger – refer to the stand specs if you’re unsure. If the stand is too big, you can usually account for this with straps or chains. But if the stand is too small, you’ll end up lying on the ground.


Hammocks usually come in three sizes as outlined here. Most hammock stands will be suitable for both single and double hammocks. However, you’ll want to ensure you have a large stand to accommodate family sized hammocks which tend to be a lot longer in length as well as wider;

  • Single – A standard hammock designed for one adult, the width will usually be between 3-5ft depending upon the type of hammock.
  • Double – Although designed for two adults, double hammocks are often preferred for solo use as they allow more room for finding a comfortable position. These are usually between 4-6ft wide.
  • Family – The largest size that could hold two adults plus children, provided you have straps or a stand with the weight capacity. These are usually in excess of 5ft wide.

Spreader Bar or Non-Spreader Bar

A spreader bar is a piece of wood that runs across hammocks suspension strings. Not all types of hammock have a spreader bar and it will be down to personal preference if you want one. Stands with a fork on top work best for non-spreader bar hammocks, whereas a simple hook is better for those with a spreader bar.

Material: Wood vs Metal

Hammock stands are made from either metal or wood. The wooden ones tend to be more solid and permanent, with coatings to weather-proof them. But even still, I’d advise taking it down or placing under a cover during winter months.

Alternatively, you could opt for a metal stand, these are usually a bit more portable and tend to have quick clips that make them simple to put together without the need for tools. I have to admit, I don’t think the metal ones look as good as the big curved wooden ones, but they are generally a lot cheaper.

Best Hammock Stands

These are my top recommended hammock stands:

Here are full reviews of each stand along with images, key specifications and purchase links:

Top Pick: Sunnydaze Universal Stand

Weight Capacity: 550lb  //  Hammock Included: No  //  Best for: All Hammocks (9-14ft)  //  Price: $$

Extremely versatile so it can accommodate a broad range of types and sizes of hammock
Heavy duty stand with 550lb weight limit

Our top all round hammock stand is the Sunnydaze Universal Stand. It really is universal and has been designed to accommodate hammocks of all shapes and sizes. The two-legged design is my preferred style for metal stands as you get more clearance from the floor and stub your toe less often.

The various different attachments on the stand make it perfect for both spreader bar and non-spreader bar hammocks which are attached using the included S-hooks. It comes with two 18-inch chains that can be used to attach smaller hammocks, making it suitable for any hammock between 9-14ft.

The stand is designed from coated steel, which means it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is very resistant to rust. And despite weighing just 25lbs, the clever heavy-duty design allows it to hold up to 550lbs so It will hold two people with ease.

It’s simple to construct with spring snap button locks, so no tools required. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Premium Pick: ENO SoloPod

Weight Capacity: 400lb  //  Hammock Included: No  //  Best for: Non-Spreader Bar Hammocks (Single or Double)  //  Price: $$$

Sleek curved design that looks great
One of the most durable stands on the market
Designed for ENO hammocks but will fit any brand of that size
Not overly portable for a metal stand

If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalist design hammock stand, the SoloPod will take pride of place in your back yard. The curved style is unique, and something usually only found in wooden stands.

It’s made from powder coated steel that’s suitable for leaving out in all weather conditions and is one of the most durable stands currently on the market. The non-slip feet give it a sturdy balance making it perfect for grass, gravel or any other area.

The stand is designed to be a perfect fit for both ENO’s single and double hammocks which are both 9’4”, although you can easily use it with other brands of gathered end hammock around this size.

I love how easy it is to put this thing together, no tools required and just 8 pieces mean it’s easy to move around your garden. However, it is quite heavy for a stand so I wouldn’t recommend it for camping, in this instance, check out my full guide to portable hammock stands.

Best Wooden Stand: Petra

Weight Capacity: 450lb  //  Hammock Included: Yes  //  Best for: Spreader Bar Hammocks  //  Price: $$$

Large stand to fit hammock up to 13ft
Curved wooden stand with teak satin finish
Takes a while to build

The frame is made from imported European larch wood with a teak satin finish. It has a super solid build, plus the curved design looks really smart. It’s been treated for protection against the elements so can be left in your yard year-round. I would recommend you get some teak oil to add further protection, after all it is made from wood.

Assembly is simple enough to do yourself but isn’t fast, so you probably want to leave it up once constructed. All of the tools needed to put it together are included with the stand.

The stand is 13ft from hook to hook (the description says 14ft, but this is total length) and it comes with a double quilted hammock that fits perfectly with the included chains. The quilted hammock is made from cotton and there are a number of patterns to choose from. The total capacity is 450lbs which is perfect for two.

The stand is designed to be used with spreader bar hammocks, although you could attach a non-spreader bar if you really wanted.

Best for Brazilian Hammocks: Vivere Pine Stand

Weight Capacity: 450lb  //  Hammock Included: Yes  //  Best for: Non-Spreader Bar Hammocks (Single or Double)  //  Price: $$$

Small wooden stand perfectly designed for gathered end Brazilian or Mayan style hammocks
Comes with a comfy hammock with more than 30 material and pattern choices
Short stand not well suited to spreader bar hammocks
Not very portable

This Vivere hammock stand is slightly smaller than the Petra mentioned above and is aimed at non-spreader bar hammocks such as the Brazilian or Mayan style. Being such a short stand, it’s unlikely to work well with spreader bar hammocks.

Vivere are better known for their hammocks so as you’d expect, this stand comes with one included. It’s a double size hammock with cotton or polyester options and a ton of patterns to choose between.

The stand is 8ft long in total and is made from FSC approved solid pine wood. It has a stained finish which adds extra protection from rain and snow. I would recommend you cover it in winter and regularly re-apply sealer or varnish for long term protection. It’s relatively straight forward to construct, although this does take some time so I wouldn’t consider it to be very portable.

Budget Pick: Best Choice Hammock Stand

Weight Capacity: 450lb  //  Hammock Included: Yes  //  Best for: Non-Spreader Bar Hammocks  //  Price: $

Comes with a 100% cotton hammock
Great value for money
Compact size but still holds up to a double hammock
Not very weather resistant

If you’re looking to keep a lid on the purse strings, then I recommend you check out this hammock stand set from Best Products that comes with a hammock included.

The stand is made from lightweight steel and has a 450lb weight capacity. The design is geared towards non-spreader bar hammocks such as the Brazilian gathered end hammock that comes with it. This is made from 100% cotton and is a double size, meaning it’s wide enough for two people. There are a huge variety of hammock designs to choose between with vibrant colours and patterns.

Being a budget stand, it’s not overly resistant to weather, so I’d recommend that you do bring it inside during bad weather. It’s really easy to put up or take down with no tools required during the process. It also comes with a Nylon bag for easy storing away.

Best Heavy-Duty Hammock Stand: Zupapa

Large stand suitable for hammocks between 12-15ft
Comes with a tray table attached for drinks and phones
Can hold two or more adults with a weight capacity of 550lbs
Not very portable due to size and weight

Weight Capacity: 550lb  //  Hammock Included: No  //  Best for: Spreader Bar Hammocks (12-15ft)  //  Price: $$

The Zupapa hammock stand is big, with a total length of , and suitable for hammocks between 12-15ft. Despite being touted as a universal stand, the design is only really suitable for spreader bar hammocks.

It weighs 56lbs and can be put together without any specialist tools. It also comes with a carry case if you decide to move it or want to store it away neatly for the winter. This stand has a weight capacity of 550lbs making it suitable for 2 adults.

The unique feature of this one is the inclusion of a convenient tray with inserts that are ideally sized to store your drink and phone while you relax under the sun.

For Multiple Hammocks: ENO Pod Triple Stand

Can hold between 1 and 3 hammocks at any one time
Suitable for single or double hammocks (ideally sized for ENO hammocks)
Heavy stand when fully assembled

Weight Capacity: 400lb per hammock  //  Hammock Included: No  //  Best for: Non-Spreader Bar Hammocks (ENO recommended)  //  Price: $$$$

They say three’s a crowd, but in this case it’s the perfect number for the ENO triple hammock stand. The curved design is similar to the SoloPod shared earlier, only now you can get your friends involved too.

The stand is designed for use with non-spreader bar hammocks that are around 9’4”, this is the standard size of their SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks.

As you’d expect, being made to hold three people, it’s quite heavy at 101lbs when fully assembled. Each hammock can hold a capacity of 400lbs, and the stand is still perfectly stable with just one or two people in, so don’t think that you need a full house for every use.