Best Hammocks for Every Budget and Occasion

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There isn’t a space, indoor or out, that can’t be improved with the addition of a hammock, and to prove that to you, I’ve pulled together this list with a hammock for every occasion.

As you look through the list, you’ll realise just how many different styles of hammock exist and that there’s more to buying one that just choosing your favorite pattern.

I’ve done all of the hard work for you by finding the very best hammocks and summarizing them in this post, sharing the pros and cons of each hammock and the best use case too. You’ll be hanging out in no time at all.

Quick Summary

Here are my top three best hammocks in 2021, keep reading for the full list of recommendations.

Image Product DETAILS  
best overall
Vivere Brazilian Hammock
  • Cotton material clings nicely to your body
  • Over 30 patterns to choose from
  • Great value for money
Best for Comfort
Yellow Leaf Mojave
  • Ultra light cotton provides structure and comfort
  • Plenty of air circulation
  • Hand crafted in Northern Thailand
Best for Camping
ENO DoubleNest
  • Nylon material is durable and weatherproof
  • Packs away to be small and compact

Types of Hammock

Before I get into my recommended hammocks, here is a breakdown of the key types of hammock that you’ll come across and the benefits of each:

  • Rope – One of the earliest and most basic forms of hammock that uses either cotton or polyester ropes in an open weave. This allows plenty of air circulation which is great when there’s a light breeze, but doesn’t give as much support and can leave you with a criss cross pattern on your back.
  • Brazilian/Mayan – A gathered end hammock that has a deep sag down the middle, usually made from cotton or a polycotton blend. Mayan hammocks tend to be far lighter and almost mesh-like, whereas Brazilian hammocks uses a thicker cotton material.
  • Nicaraguan – One of the simplest types of hammock to feature a spreader bar, a Nicaraguan hammock is comprised of a single piece of material that hangs between two wooden spreader bars. This is often referred to as an American style spreader bar hammock due to its popularity in North America.
  • Quilted – A more rugged hammock made from two pieces of polyester, usually with additional stuffing or padding sandwiched between them. This type of hammock always has a spreader bar and is a very westernized style.
  • Camping – These are hammocks designed for use by backpackers or outdoor enthusiasts. They must be simultaneously strong, lightweight and quick drying which is why nylon is usually the material of choice.

Best Hammocks

These are my recommended hammocks to buy right now:

Below are full descriptions and a detailed review of each hammock I have suggested.

Best Overall: Vivere


Large width makes it easy to get comfortable
Huge range of over 30 colourful patterns and styles


100% cotton material isn’t weather resistant
Bed SizeDouble (7’11ft x 5’3ft)
Weight Capacity450lbs
Material100% Cotton

Vivere is a Canadian brand that’s one of the biggest makers of hammocks and stands in North America. This hammock is one of their signature range that’s made in the Brazilian style with a gathered end and thick tightly woven cotton that makes it a pleasure to lie in.

The hammock is made from 100% colorfast cotton which has a vibrant pattern and very resistant to fading as many cotton hammocks do.

It has a total length of 12ft with a 5’3ft width which makes it a double hammock and the 440lb capacity will hold up at least two adults. However, it’s still great for single loungers as there is enough room to get the perfect diagonal lay and you could sleep for hours.

With this being such a popular hammock, there is a huge range of patterns and styles to choose from with over 30 designs and alternative sizes. For more hammocks in this style, refer to my full Brazilian hammock list.

Best for Comfort: Yellow Leaf Mojave


Soft, high quality material
Handmade by the Mlabri tribe in Northern Thailand


Bed SizeFamily (7ft x 6ft)
Weight Capacity400lbs

Yellow Leaf are the go-to name for high quality, hand made hammocks. They are made in small villages by the Mlabri Tribe in Northern Thailand. Founders Joe and Rachel discovered the hammocks when travelling in the country and recognised the potential.

They weren’t the only ones to recognise how good these hammocks were as you might recognise them from ABC’s Shark Tank where the investors were taken aback and wanted to give them more money than they asked for.

The hammocks are easily the softest and most comfortable cotton hammocks I have come across. This particular hammock is made in the Mayan style which means the cotton is lightweight, allowing great circulation and keeping you nice and cool.

At 6ft in width, it’s the widest hammock on this list (matched only by the Hammocks Rada hammock) so is suitable for the whole family to lounge together. Although, the 400lb weight limit is less than the Hammocks Rada mayan hammock.

Best with Spreader Bars: Byer of Maine Brasilia


Well known North American textile brand
Strong polycotton material that’s unlikely to tear


Low weight limit of 300lbs
Bed SizeSingle (4’7ft Wide)
Weight Capacity300lbs
MaterialCotton and Polyester

This single spreader bar hammock is from Byer of Maine, a well-known brand in the textiles and fabrics industry that have been making hammocks for over three decades.

It’s made in the Nicaraguan style (often just known as American style) with a single piece of fabric between two spreader bars. The fabric is a polycotton blend which adds extra strength due to the polyester fibres, although loses some of the breathability of the cotton.

Although the hammock is 4’7ft wide which is wider than the Zupapa spreader bar hammock, it only has a 300lb weight capacity so is aimed at solo hammockers. The hammock is handcrafted in South America which is the traditional home of the hammock.

If a spreader bar hammock seems like the best choice, but you want to see a few others, check out my full list of recommended spreader bar hammocks.

Best for Camping: ENO DoubleNest


Material is strong, yet lightweight which is perfect for backpackers
Single or Double options in a variety of colours
Two year warranty


Designed for camping – not ideal for general lounging
Bed SizeDouble (6'2ft Wide)
Weight Capacity400lbs
Material70D Nylon Taffeta

Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) are the biggest name in camping hammocks and their signature SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks are hard to beat.

Featured here is the DoubleNest which is 9’4ft long and with a bed with of 6’2ft. The weight limit is 400lbs which is suitable for two, however you may want to ensure that you count your backpack too when calculating the weight that it needs to hold. The SingleNest is very similar but has a narrower bed size.

It’s made from nylon taffeta, a material that has the strength and water resistance of nylon but with added softness thanks to the taffeta. Nylon is known for its strength-to-weight ratio meaning it doesn’t add to much weight to your camping gear, whilst still being incredibly strong, it’s the most durable of all the hammocks reviewed here.

Because ENO is such a popular camping brand, they have a broad range of colours available so you can find one you really like, regardless of whether you prefer to blend in or stand out. All of their products also come with a two year guarantee.

Best Mayan Style: Hammocks Rada


Mesh-like cotton material is lightweight and allows air circulation
Nylon strings allow for a mammoth 550lb weight limit


Mayan style hammocks are more prone to tearing
Bed SizeFamily (7ft x 6ft)
Weight Capacity550lbs
MaterialCotton and Nylon

My next pick is this Mayan style hammock from Hammocks Rada. Mayan hammocks are made from cotton in a similar look to Brazilian hammocks, however the cotton is a lot thinner and more like a net or mesh than the thicker materials used for Brazilian hammocks.

Hammocks Rada have been selling hammocks for over 50 years which is an indication of their expertise. The hammocks are handmade in central America and then sold to budding hammock fans across North America.

Whilst the bed is made from cotton, the suspension strings are made from Nylon which is a strong synthetic material that’s durable and gives the hammock it’s significant weigh capacity of 550lbs.

The total length of the hammock is 13ft long, with a bed length of 7ft and wide enough to hold two or more people at any one time. Personally, I love to cocoon myself if a big hammock all by myself!

Best for Indoors: RISEON


Bohemian design with tassel fringe looks really stylish
Perfect for indoors or out


Only one colour choice avaialble
Bed SizeDouble (7'11ft x 4'11ft)
Weight Capacity450lbs
MaterialCotton and Polyester

I love this RISEON hammock as the bohemian style looks great and would make the perfect addition to your home. The beige colour looks really summery whilst the bohemian tassels add that extra homely touch.

It’s a spacious hammock with a bed size of 7’11ft x 4’11ft so you’ll have plenty of room if using it by yourself, or you can easily pile in with your partner thanks to a 450lb weight capacity.

The Brazilian style with thick polycotton material makes it great for sleeping in and provides plenty of support for your body, whilst still being really durable thanks to the extra polyester fibres woven in.

For more hammocks that would look great inside, see my full list of recommended indoor hammocks.

Best Sustainable: All Nahlo – The Saul Collection


Handmade in a small Mexican village
Very affordable
Tight weave provides more support than typical rope hammocks


Designs keep changing due to the artisan nature
Bed SizeSingle (4'11ft wide)
Weight Capacity260lbs
Material100% Cotton

The brand All Nahlo was created when the founders visited Saul and his family in a small village in Mexico, and since then they have continued to make the range aptly named ‘The Saul Collection’. The brand is all about sustainability and focuses on creating job opportunities and teaching new skills in the villages.

There are five styles to choose from in both single and double sizes. Personally, I’m a fan of this maritime design that would look great next to a pool or the sea. I have noticed that there is limited stock of each design which must be due to the artisan nature of the product, if the above link is out of stock you should be able to find other similar products by All Nahlo.

If you look closely, it’s a rope hammock made from 100% cotton, but the tight weave makes it seem more like a fabric and it supports your body really well, whilst still allowing lots of air flow.

Most Durable: Zupapa Quilted Hammock


Polyester material doesn’t tear easily and is more resistant to weather
Easy to care for
Various colours and patterns available


Spreader bar hammocks can be more prone to tipping
Bed SizeDouble (6’3ft x 4’5ft)
Weight Capacity275lbs

If you want a long-lasting hammock that can be left outside, then a quilted hammock is a great choice. This one in particular is made from two layers of polyester with a padding inside that gives it some extra comfort.

Polyester is known for being more weather resistant than your standard cotton hammocks and much easier to care for. The hammock is quick drying and can be wiped clean if dirt gets on it.

The hammock features a bamboo spreader bar that can be detached in two via the innovative clip in the middle. Spreader bars make a hammock more prone to tipping over, however Zupapa have slightly aided this issue by creating a curved spreader bar design.

The hammock is 11ft long with a bed size of 6’3ft x 4’5ft and a 450lb weight limit which makes it suitable for two adults or three children. Included with the hammock is a carry case, chains and hooks, although you will still need straps.

Best for Sharing: La Siesta


Organic cotton is more comfortable than regular cotton
Large bed size and weight capacity
Columbian style is well balanced and strong


More expensive than other cotton hammocks
Bed SizeFamily (8ft x 5’11ft)
Weight Capacity440lbs
MaterialOrganic Cotton

This hammock is very similar to the Brazilian one I shared earlier, but it’s known as a Columbian style, this means it has an open loop at the end which gives it a much better balance. It also has cadejos which are plait in the suspension strings that make it really strong. It’s actually handmade in Columbia too which is a plus.

It’s also huge and really luxurious to touch. It’s made from organic cotton which is grown without the use of any chemicals. Not only is this a sustainable way of production, but it protects the fibres in the cotton which makes it softer and comfier.

This hammock is huge, it has a 13ft total length and a bed size of 8ft x 5’11ft. Combined with the 440lb weight limit, this hammock is perfect for sharing with the whole family.

Comparison Chart

If you’d like a side-by-side look at these recommendations, here is a full comparison chart of the best hammocks shared above:

Key SpecsVivere Brazilian HammockZupapa Quilted HammockYellow Leaf - MojaveENO DoubleNestByer of Maine BrasiliaHammocks RadaRISEON Bohemian Hammock All Nahlo – The Saul CollectionLa Siesta Flora
Bed SizeDouble (7’11ft x 5’3ft)Double (6’3ft x 4’5ft)Family (7ft x 6ft)Double (6'2ft Wide)Single (4’7ft Wide)Family (7ft x 6ft)Double (7'11ft x 4'11ft)Single (4'11ft wide)Family (8ft x 5’11ft)
Weight Capacity450lbs275lbs400lbs400lbs300lbs550lbs450lbs260lbs440lbs
Material100% CottonPolyesterCotton70D Nylon TaffetaCotton and PolyesterCotton and NylonCotton and Polyester100% CottonOrganic Cotton
Where to Buy?AmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazon

Ultimate Hammock Buyers Guide

So, you’re ready to purchase your first hammock, well if you’ve read my hammock reviews, you’ll have seen just how much there is to consider.

In this ultimate hammock buyers guide I’ll share my expert tips and get into the details about what to look for:


The material of your hammock will often depend on the type of hammock you choose, but the three main contenders are:

  • Cotton – The traditional and most popular choice thanks to its broad availability and cheap cost to make. Its stretchy properties make it really comfortable, although it’s prone to ripping and doesn’t fare well when it frequently gets wet and can accumulate mould. Cotton is a broad term that can also cover denim and canvas.
  • Polyester – The first choice of synthetic material is usually polyester, it’s far stronger than cotton and doesn’t absorb water so it’s easier to care for. Hammock makers sometimes use a poly-cotton blend which adds durability to the cotton, although loses some of the comfort and breathability.
  • Nylon – A more premium synthetic material is Nylon; this is both lightweight and strong so is often used in camping hammocks where every ounce counts. It’s the most expensive of the three here so it’s only used in more expensive hammocks.

Hammock Length

The length of a hammock will sit somewhere between 9ft to 13ft.

If you are hanging your hammock from trees or posts, then you need a hammock that is at least 2 ft shorter than the hanging distance. If the hammock is shorter than required then you can use straps to account for the difference, however it cannot be longer than required as you’ll end up sitting on the floor or will have to hang the straps really high and there will be a lot of sag.

If you are using a hammock stand, refer to the recommended hammock size as this can vary depending upon the style of stand. For example, space saving stands can accommodate larger hammocks than the equivalent sized wooden stand.

Hammock Width: Single, Double or Family

Hammock width is measured as single, double or family. The actual width will vary depending upon the type of hammock, for example a double Brazilian hammock will usually be wider than a double spreader bar hammock.

Often, a double or family sized hammock is still suitable for use by a single occupant. I personally enjoy lounging out by myself in a huge hammock as it gives you plenty of fabric to find the perfect diagonal position. Although you should know that it can engulf you which some people do not like.

Weight Capacity

It goes without saying that you should never overload a hammock beyond the recommended weight capacity. If you’ll be taking your hammock camping or hiking, remember to account for the weight of any backpack or belongings that you may also keep in your hammock overnight.

Spreader Bar or Not

A spreader bar runs through the strings of the hammock resulting in a more open design. It’s usually made from wood that’s treated to protect it from the rain. Not all spreader bars are made equal, some spreader bars are curved, and others are shorter than the hammocks width, both style are designed to improve the balance of the hammock.

Featured image credit: Canva Pro