Best Rope Hammocks

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Rope hammocks are one of the simplest kinds of hammock and have been used in South America for centuries. They are often associated with sandy beaches as they allow the sea breeze to flow between the ropes and don’t accumulate sand.

These days there are lots of different types of rope hammock, some with a few ropes and large holes, others with a tighter weave that look more like a fabric. In this guide I’ll share my favourite rope hammocks to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Quick Buyers Guide

These are the key things to consider when buying a rope hammock:

Material: Cotton or Polyester

Rope hammocks are usually made from cotton, this is a traditional material and has the benefit of being soft and stretchy which adds to the comfort of the hammock. However, there are some hammocks made from polyester or a blend of the two. Polyester is a synthetic material that is much more weatherproof as it doesn’t absorb water, unfortunately this comes at the cost of comfort.

Tight or Loose Rope Weave

A consideration that is unique to rope hammocks is whether you want a tight weave or a loose weave. This essentially refers to the size of the holes in the hammock. A loose weave will have fewer ropes and larger holes, this allows lots of air circulation and is quicker drying. Whereas a tighter weave will have smaller holes and offers more support to your body.

Size: Length, Width and Capacity

  • Length: Hammocks will be between 9-14ft long, if you have a specific place in mind to hang it, you’ll need to ensure It’s suitable. For hanging between trees or posts, ensure the hammock is at least 2ft shorter than the gap. If you’re using a hammock stand, then refer to the recommended hammock size.
  • Width: The width of the hammock is usually determined as single, double or family, and refers to how many people can fit in it.
  • Capacity: This is the maximum weight that the hammock can hold. A single hammock will usually have a capacity of around 300lbs and a double will be 400lbs+. You will need to ensure that your ropes or stand are also suitable for the weight capacity.

Type: Spreader Bar or No Spreader Bar

This refers to the wooden bar that spans the top and bottom of the hammock. The purpose of a spreader bar is to make the hammock more open and easier to get in, however it does make the hammock more prone to tipping. Whether you want a spreader bar or not will be down to personal preference.

Best Rope Hammocks

These are the 7 top rope hammocks:

Here are my full reviews of each hammock along with the pros and cons of each.

Vivere Cotton Rope Hammock

Thick 3 ply cotton makes it comfortable
Great all round hammock
One year warranty
Not suitable for being left out in poor weather

Total Length: 12ft // Bed Size: 7ft x 5ft // Weight Capacity: 450lbs // Material: 100% Cotton

This rope hammock features a spreader bar design and is made from 100% cotton rope. Although the weave is fairly loose, the 3-ply cotton is nice and thick which gives support to your body whilst adding strength to the hammock. Being a purely cotton hammock, it shouldn’t be left out in bad weather

It is made by Vivere who are well known for their comfy hammocks and stands in North America. The total length of the hammock is 12.5ft whilst the bed length is 7ft x 5ft. With a weight capacity of 450lbs, it’s easily suitable for two adults.

It attaches to trees or a hammock stand via the O rings and comes with chains to allow for adjustment. The hammock also has Vivere’s standard one-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Yellow Leaf Montauk Hammock

Natural cotton which is sustainable and more comfortable due to longer fibres
Handmade by a tribe in Northern Thailand
A tad pricey

Total Length: 11ft // Weight Capacity: 400lbs // Material: 100% Natural Cotton

If you’re looking for the very best rope hammock then of course it has to be one from Yellow Leaf. These are high quality hammocks hand woven and each signed by its creator. You might recognise the name as they appeared on Shark Tank and secured some serious backing.

At first glance you might think this is a Mayan style hammock, however it’s a rope hammock with a really tight weave that gives it a really luxurious and comfortable feel. Yellow Leaf hammocks are always huge, so you’ll fit two adults in with the 400lbs capacity, plus maybe a few kids too.

It’s made from natural cotton, which means it’s made using as few chemical processes as possible to be better for the environment. This also results in longer fibres in the cotton which adds that extra comfort.

As well as being great for your deck at home, the hammock is made in a traditional gathered end style so it’s easy to roll up and take to the beach with you.

Best Choice Double Rope Hammock

Affordable price
100% cotton rope with solid spreader bar
Comes with convenient carry case
Loose weaves provides less body support, but more air circulation

Total Length: 11ft // Bed Size: 6’8ft x 4’11ft // Weight Capacity: 450lbs // Material: 100% Cotton

My budget pick is this Best Choice rope hammock. It’s made from heavy duty cotton, which is what gives it a capacity of 450lbs, so you could have two adults on here with no worries.

The hammock is a spreader bar style with a hardwood bar at the top. Spreader bar hammocks are often awkward to transport, but Best Choice have helped this with the inclusion of a convenient carry case.

This hammock has the loosest weave of all those reviewed here so you have less overall body contact, but it’s still tight enough that it doesn’t dig into your back as some loose weave rope hammocks do.

All Nahlo – The Saul Collection

Handmade in small artisan villages
Fair trade certified
Available in single or double size

Total Length: 10ft // Bed Size: 4.9ft wide // Weight Capacity: 260lbs // Material: 100% Cotton

If, like me, you’ve grown to love hammocks through your travels, then Al Nahlo is the brand that will help you bring that feeling home. The brand was created by wanderlusters as a way of reconnecting with past adventures at home.

The hammocks themselves are handmade by small artisan villages in Mexico, this specific hammock was made by Saul and his family in Copalillo.

Besides the great backstory, the hammocks themselves are really comfortable, made from cotton with a fairly tight weave and available in both single and double sizes. The single hammock is 10ft x 5ft with a 260lb capacity, whilst the double is 12ft x 7ft with a 440lb weight limit.


Less vulnerable to rips and tears than cotton hammocks
Nylon is strong, yet lightweight
Fair trade certified
Single size only
At 13’2ft it requires a large hanging distance

Total Length: 13’2ft // Bed Size: Single (6.5ft x 4ft) // Weight Capacity: 300lbs // Material: Nylon

This gathered end style hammock is both comfortable and comes from a positive background. The hammock is sold by Novica, a marketplace focused on sustainable sale of artisan products. Each hammock is handmade in Mexico and certified fair trade, a story card and certification are included with the product.

The hammocks are available I a variety of colours including a lighter white and darker brown, although I think this earthy tone looks really great. It has a tight weave for added comfort and is made of Nylon which means it will be more weather resistant than other cotton hammocks, plus it will be easier to care for.

This is a single size hammock at 4ft wide and with a bed length of 6.5ft, although being handmade the size can vary slightly.

Caribbean Rope Hammock

Polyester ropes are much more weather resistant
Variety of colors available
Not as comfy as a cotton or nylon rope hammock

Total Length: 12ft // Bed Size: Double (6’8ft x 4’7ft) // Weight Capacity: 400lbs // Material: Polyester

This hammock from Caribbean Hammocks is the only one I reviewed that used polyester ropes as opposed to cotton. This means it is much more resistant to the elements as polyester doesn’t absorb water so you could leave it outside during rain or keep it at a beach hut without worrying about deterioration or mildew.

The polyester has been spun to 8mm thick, so it is much more comfy than typical polyester camping hammocks, however still not quite as comfy as the cotton rope hammocks.  It has a solid wooden spreader bar that gives the hammock an open appearance.

The hammock is 12ft long with a bed size of 6’8ft x 4’7ft and a 400lb capacity so you could share this between two people. It also comes with a one-year guarantee so you can be safe in the knowledge that it’s good quality.

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