Best Mayan Hammocks

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Despite Mayan civilization ending in the ninth century, one of their legacies that has spread across the globe is the Mayan hammock. Personally, I think the Mayan style is my preferred choice of hammock, they are lightweight, well balanced and overall very comfortable. There’s nothing better than cocooning yourself in a big Mayan hammock and letting it shape to your body.

There are lots of options to choose between, and I’m not just talking about patterns. There are different sizes, materials and levels of quality to choose between. In this guide, I’ll share the best Mayan hammocks with my reviews of each to help you find the right one.

What is a Mayan Hammock?

Mayan Hammocks originate from the indigenous Mayan’s who lived in Central America, the areas we now know as Guatemala, Belize and the south of Mexico. The hammocks are in a gathered-end style and do not have any wooden bars (called spreader bars) running through them.

They are traditionally made of cotton, although these days the suspension strings are often made of nylon or polyester for strength. They are different from other South American hammocks as they are extremely lightweight and thin material, almost like a net or cotton mesh. This provides support to your body, whilst still allowing adequate airflow and keeping you cool.

Best Mayan Hammocks

Here are my top recommended Mayan hammocks:

Below are my full reviews of each hammock along with pros and cons of each.

Hammocks Rada Mayan

Handwoven in Mexico
Strong 550lb weight capacity
Comfy cotton bed area and strong nylon strings
At 13ft it may be too long for smaller areas

Total Length: 13ft  //  Bed Size: 7ft x 6ft  //  Weight Capacity: 550lbs  //  Material: Cotton and Nylon

Hammocks Rada have been making hammocks for almost 50 years so you could say they know a thing or two.

The hammocks are handwoven in Mexico, which is the area where the Mayan hammock was first created long before Mexico existed. They have been made in the traditional Mayan style with a gathered end and a light material. Each is 13ft long with a 7ft bed area, suitable for one or two people with a 550lb capacity. Due to being hand woven the size can vary slightly.

 The main bed area of the hammock is made from cotton for comfort, whilst the strings use nylon which fairs better over time and is more weather resistant. I’ve included the 2-blues pattern here but there are 8 other colours and patterns you can check out to find something that matches your home or backyard.

Premium Pick: Yellow Leaf Mojave

Well known premium hammock brand
Handmade from soft 3-ply cotton
High price point

Bed Size: 7ft x 6ft  //  Weight Capacity: 400lbs  //  Material: Cotton

Yellow Leaf hammocks are without doubt the most comfortable hammocks, so if you’re able to splash out then this is the one. You might recognise the name after founders Joe and Rachel appeared on Shark Tank where the sharks were blown away by their hammocks.

The brand was created after the founders visited the Mlabri Tribe in Northern Thailand where the products are still made today.

The Mojave is part of their signature collection of hammocks which are made in the Mayan style with a lightweight fabric that’s almost like a cotton mesh, and the traditional gathered end without a spreader bar.

With a 400lb weight capacity, the hammocks are big and strong enough to hold two people, however they are even better as a single person because the hammocks wrap around you like a soft cosy cocoon.

Breezy Point Matrimonal Hammock

Family size with 531lb weight capacity
Four designs to choose between
One year warranty
Colours look different in real life to those pictured

Total Length: 13ft  //  Bed Size: 6’6ft x 5’3ft  //  Weight Capacity: 543lbs  //  Material: Cotton and Nylon

If you want a hammock that will swallow you up in a world of comfort, this 13ft Breezy Point hammock is sure to do the job. Featured here is the white one which is my personal preference, but there are three other designs to choose from including blue, red and multicoloured stripes.

The matrimonial size is perfect for relaxing inside on your own or sharing with another adult. There are also other sizes including single, family and jumbo. The bed area is made from lightweight cotton in a diamond weave that moulds to your body, whilst the strings are nylon to add the strength required to hold 534lbs of weight.

The Breezy Point hammock is made from a lightweight cotton material that allows air flow whilst moulding nicely to your body shape. The strings are made from Nylon for extra strength and weather resistance.

Sunny Daze Mayan Hammock

Comfortable and lightweight cotton bed area
Single, double and family sizes available
No alternative color choices

Total Length: 13ft  //  Bed Size: 6’7ft x 6’7ft  //  Weight Capacity: 660lbs  //  Material: Cotton and Nylon

Sunny Daze Mayan hammocks are available in a variety of sizes including single, double and family size. I have shown the family size hammock here which has a massive 660lb capacity, although I’d recommend checking that your ropes or stand can support that much weight before piling the whole family in.

The hammock is made in Mexico using a hybrid of cotton and nylon. The main bed area is a breathable cotton fabric that allows plenty of air flow whilst wrapping to your body, whilst the ropes themselves are made from Nylon so you can rely on their strength. It’s very similar to the Hammocks Rada product shared earlier.

The total length of the hammock is 13ft, with a bed length of 6.5ft. Sunny Daze are a popular manufacturer and also make a number of hammock stands that are designed perfectly to fit their hammocks, all of their products also come with a one year warranty.

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