Best Camping Hammocks

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There’s a growing trend for campers swapping out their tents in favor of hammock camping. But when it comes to hammocks and the great outdoors, you need one that is lightweight, easy to carry, and weather resistant.

Since starting this blog, I’ve tried and tested several different camping hammocks both in my backyard and out in the woods. In this guide, I’ll share the best hammocks that will make for a comfortable and easy camping trip.

I’ll also share some key considerations to keep in mind when making your decision.

Quick Summary

Here are my top three camping hammocks, keep reading for the full list of recommendations.

Image Product DETAILS  
best overall
ENO DoubleNest
  • Lightweight aluminum carabiner
  • Silky and breathable material
Budget Pick
Wise Owl DoubleOwl
  • Cheaper than ENO but still made to a high standard
  • Comes with straps
For the Pros
Hennessey Hammock Expedition
  • Full setup including bug net, tarp, ridgeline, and gear loft
  • Easy side entry with high quality YKK zipper

Buyers Guide

The considerations for buying a camping hammock might vary a little compared to other types of hammock. Here is a quick summary of the things to keep in mind:

  • Material: Whilst cotton is the most popular material for lounging hammocks, when it comes to camping hammocks it’s the synthetic materials that rule. Most camping hammocks will be made from Nylon or Polyester, these offer increased strength and durability over cotton. Nylon is a particularly good material as it has a good strength-to-weight ratio making it lightweight to pack away without compromising its ability.
  • Size and Weight: Camping hammocks don’t vary much in length and will usually be between 9-11ft. However, you will need to pay attention to the width, this will be measured as single or double and refers to the number of occupants. I tend to prefer a double-width, even if I’m not sharing the hammock with someone else.
  • Style: There are two general styles of camping hammock; gathered end and bridge. Gathered end is the most common which sits with a curved sag. You are supposed to lie in it diagonally to get a flat lay. The other kind is bridge, this has spreader bars and curved up around your sides, it’s ideal for side sleepers or anyone who gets claustrophobic as it’s much more open.
  • Mosquito Net and Other Accessories: Some hammocks for camping will come with a built-in mosquito net, however, keep in mind that these don’t always detach so you have to carry them even when you don’t need them. Look out for the other accessories included as some will also come bundled with carabiners, hammock straps or even a tarp (aka rain fly) with the more premium hammocks.

Best Hammocks for Camping

Here are my top recommended hammocks for going camping:

Below are my full reviews of these hammocks.

Best Overall: ENO DoubleNest


Nylon taffeta is strong but still breathable
Aluminium carabiners and nautical grade line are high quality and durable
One of the lightest camping hammocks I’ve reviewed (other than specialist ultralight hammocks)


Does not come with any straps
Bed SizeDouble (6'2ft Wide)
Weight Capacity400lbs
Material70D Nylon Taffeta

The best camping hammock is the ENO DoubleNest. It’s made from nylon taffeta which has the strength properties normally associated with Nylon, only I found it to be slightly silkier than my other camping hammocks and very breathable which is important when you are camping in warmer climates.

The hammock is quick-drying which is great when you need to pack it away without being damp. In my testing, ENO hammocks took around 30 minutes to dry after being submerged fully in water.

There are 40 color choices available including options that will blend in or some that stand out, depending upon your preference.

The hammock is 9’4ft long with a bed width of 6’2 which and a weight capacity up to 400lbs. This could be suited to two people, however, I tend to prefer a double-width hammock to myself which is why this is my number one choice.

Overall, this is one of the most rugged hammocks on the market, not just the material but the aluminum carabiners and nautical grade line that hold it together.

Budget Pick: Wise Owl Outfitters DoubleOwl


Very lightweight at 26oz (16oz single version also available)
Affordable price compared to other camping hammocks
Tree straps and carabiner included


Steel carabiner is fairly heavy
Material not as silky as ENO
Bed SizeDouble (6’6ft)
Weight Capacity500lbs
Packed Weight26oz
Material210T Parachute Nylon Hammoc

As for an affordable choice, the Wise Owl hammock takes my recommendation. Don’t assume that a budget price means budget quality because this hammock rivals many of the more expensive hammocks.

Featured here is the double hammock which has a total length of 10ft and a bed width of 6’6ft. It has a weight limit of 400lbs. There is also a single version available at the same link which is 9ft long and 4’6ft wide. It is slightly narrower than the other single hammocks so if you’re a larger build, then you may be better off opting for the double.

There are 16 different colours available and it comes with carabiners and tree straps included. Although it’s a budget hammock, it still comes with a satisfaction guarantee if you’re unhappy with the product.

Here is me enjoying an afternoon testing out the SingleOwl which is a slightly slimmer version, I’d still recommend the wider one.

For the Pros: Hennessy Expedition Zipper Hammock


Everything you need for a hiking expedition including straps, tarp, mosquito net, and gear loft
Patented design that allows the perfect diagonal sleeping position
Excellent build quality with durable materials


More expensive than other hammocks shared here
Bed SizeDouble (4'11ft wide)
Weight Capacity250lbs
Packed Weight44oz
Material70D Nylon Taffeta

If you’re buying a camping hammock then you may have come across the Hennessy hammock, if not you’re about to learn a lot. The hammock was invented by Tom Hennessy who designed it purely for his own use, only after 6 years of using it did he decide to sell it.

The patented design has two key differences; the asymmetrical design allows you to get a great diagonal lay, whilst the ridge line keeps the optimum sag no matter where you hang it. The build quality of the hammock is key, everything from the YKK zippers to the heavy duty suspending ropes.

This hammock is made from 70D nylon taffeta which provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio whilst keeping a soft touch. The rain fly is made from ripstop polyester which is known for absorbing less water than polyester, and for good measure it has a polyurethane coating that gives it extra water repelling properties.

Included is everything you need for your hammock camping set up, including a mosquito net that integrates with the hammock, a gear loft that attaches to the ridge line, a tarp and all of the ropes you need.

Best Single Hammock: ENO SingleNest


Nylon taffeta is strong but still breathable
Aluminium carabiners and nautical grade line are high quality and durable
Lightest double camping hammock on the market


You may find a single-width hammock to be too narrow
Bed SizeSingle (4'7ft wide)
Weight Capacity400lbs
Packed Weight16oz
Material70D Nylon Taffeta

ENO hammocks are my favorite for camping, so you won’t be surprised that my pick for the best single camping hammock is their SingleNest. It has all the same features and benefits as the DOubleNest which I shared earlier on, only the key difference is a narrower bed size of 4’7ft.

I have the navy/royal blue combo as shown in the image below. When packed away in the included carry case, the hammock weighs just 16oz so is perfect for carrying in your backpack.

I’m a big fan of the compression strap which allows you to keep the hammock compact too, this is a much-needed feature on many of the other hammocks reviewed here.

For more information, see my full review of the ENO SingleNest.

Covacure Camping Hammock with Bug Net


Comes with straps and a bug net
Its 440lb weight limit is higher than most
Great value for money


Length of elastic bug net cable limits hanging spots
Bed SizeDouble (4'7ft wide)
Weight Capacity440lbs
Packed Weight
Material210T Parachute Nylon

Covacure is a brand imported from China that has earned a name for itself as offering good quality camping gear at a cheap price, their double camping hammock with bug net is no different.

This hammock is made from 210T parachute nylon, it’s not too dissimilar from the nylon used in ENO hammocks, . Whilst the carabiners feel very safe and strong, they are made from steel so you’ll notice that they are quite heavy unlike the aluminum carabiners used in the ENO products above.

The hammock is simple to erect and comes with a built-in mosquito net which is set up with two included elastic strings and four hooks. Unfortunately, the elastic isn’t adjustable so if you don’t have the perfect hanging distance between trees, you might find it hard to set up. During my very first use, I wound up breaking the elastic by attempting to hang it across a distance that was too far.

You can turn the hammock upside down to use it without the mosquito net, however, you cannot detach it which is frustrating if you know you won’t use it. The straps are also included and a handy carry case.

Lawson Blue Ridge Bridge Hammock


Mosquito net and rain fly included
Durable ripstop material


Bridge style is harder to transport due to the poles that are required
Bed SizeSingle (3ft wide)
Weight Capacity275lbs
Packed Weight68oz (with poles)
MaterialRipstop Nylon and Polyester

If you prefer the bridge style hammock with spreader bars, your choice is a bit more limited as there are only a couple of brands to choose between. My personal recommendation is this Lawson bridge hammock that comes with both the mosquito net and rain fly.

The Blue Ridge hammock is Lawson’s signature product and has garnered a lot of attention from the likes of National Geographic and Backpacker magazine. It’s made from a combination of polyester and nylon with the ripstop reinforcing technique to add extra strength.

The benefit of a bridge hammock is that it is more open than the normal gathered end style camping hammocks and is particularly great for side sleepers or those who feel claustrophobic in a regular hammock that tends to wrap around your body.

The open style does make it a little more tippy than other hammocks and you have to carry poles which adds extra weight making the total load 4.25lbs all included. One thing I really like about this compared to other bridge hammocks is that it can be used as a tent too, making it the best of both worlds.

Comparison Chart

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the hammocks mentioned in this article:

Key SpecsENO DoubleNestENO SingleNestCovacure Camping HammockHennessey Hammock ExpeditionWise Owl DoubleOwlLawson Blue Ridge Bridge Hammock
Bed SizeDouble (6'2ft Wide)Single (4'7ft wide)Double (4'7ft wide)Double (4'11ft wide)Double (6’6ft)Single (3ft wide)
Weight Capacity400lbs400lbs440lbs250lbs500lbs275lbs
Packed Weight19oz16oz44oz26oz68oz (with poles)
Material70D Nylon Taffeta70D Nylon Taffeta210T Parachute Nylon70D Nylon Taffeta210T Parachute Nylon HammocRipstop Nylon and Polyester
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