Best Camping Hammocks for Tall People

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Whether you’re buying a hammock or a tent, as a tall person you may frequently find that standard camping gear just isn’t big enough.

Most people recommend a camping hammock at least 2ft bigger than the person in it, however, this rule is only an estimate and some people may want it to be bigger. Of course, you’ll need to remember that a longer hammock will need a wider space between trees or a larger hammock stand.

In this guide, I’ll share several XL hammocks that are ideal for tall people looking to start hammock camping.

Sleeping in a Hammock as a Tall Person

Getting the right position in a hammock becomes even more important as a tall person. Hammocks are designed to be laid in diagonally and not parallel with the hammock itself.

If you’re very tall, this diagonal lay will give you extra room to stretch out without your feet being restricted in the smaller ends of the hammock.

Provided your hammock is wide enough, a tall person should be able to fit in almost any hammock, however, it is much easier to find a comfortable position in a longer hammock such as those shared here.

Best Camping Hammocks for Tall People

My top recommended camping hammocks for tall people are:

All of the sizes and my full reviews of each hammock will follow below.

Best Overall: Gold Armour

10’5ft long and 6’7ft wide should give tall people enough room to get comfy
Packed weight of just 1.5lbs
15 year warranty
Only comes in black

Total Length: 10’5ft // Weight Capacity: 500lbs // Material: 210T Nylon

This Gold Armour hammock is my top pick for tall campers thanks to a good level of quality and a very affordable price tag. It’s 10’5ft long, although this length does include the carabiners on the end.

The material is 210T parachute nylon which is the most common choice for camping hammocks, it’s breathable and quick drying so you should be able to pack it away even after a wet night.

At 6’7ft wide, it’s the widest of those shared here which gives plenty of space for getting the optimal diagonal position. It’s rated to support up to 500lbs of weight so would easily hold two people.

Included with this hammock are two 10ft straps, a storage bag, and steel carabiners so you’ll have everything required to hang it. The straps have 16 attachment points which makes them highly adjustable and on par with some of the best hammock straps on the market.

Gold Armour is US based and offers a 15-year warranty, well exceeding the other hammocks including big hammock brands like ENO. The hammock does only come in black though.

Premium Pick: Hennessey Hammock Safari Deluxe Classic XXL

Complete set up including bug net, tarp and straps
Longest hammock at 11’8ft
Very durable camping gear

Total Length: 11’8ft // Weight Capacity: 350lbs // Material: 210T Nylon

Next up is my ‘money no object’ pick. This set up will set you back a fair few dollars, but knowing how good Hennessey hammocks are, it will last you a lifetime. Unlike the other relatively new brands here, Hennessey have been making camping gear for over 40 years.

The hammock is 11’8ft x 4’11ft making it the largest here, and it’s suitable for anyone up to 7ft tall or 350lbs. It has a built-in gear pocket and handy glove hooks.

In the Safari Deluxe kit is a complete hammock camping kit, including the hammock itself, mosquito net, rainfly, ropes, and straps.

The bug net is their ‘no see um’ net which is very tightly woven. When the bug net is in place, there is a reliable YKK side zipper for entry to the hammock. As you’d expect from the name, this kit is suitable for all occasions including safari and jungle camping.

Budget Pick: Honest Outfitters

Very cheap price
Plenty of material to find the perfect diagonal lying position
Stitching is strong
Strap and carabiner are heavy if carrying them a long distance so I recommend buying your own
No warranty

Total Length: 9’10ft // Weight Capacity: 500lbs // Material: 210T Nylon

If you want quality on a budget, then this Honest Outfitters hammock is a good choice.

At 9’10ft long and 6’6ft wide, it’s ideal for tall people looking for that extra material to get comfy. You could even fit two people on this hammock with a 500lb weight capacity.

As with all of the hammocks shared here, it uses 210T nylon fabric which is known for being comfortable. Despite being a cheap hammock, the triple stitching is still strong making the hammock reasonably durable Plus, it weighs just 1.5lbs when packed away.

Included with the hammock are straps and stainless steel carabiners. Both are quite heavy so I’d recommend swapping them out for some lighter carabiners and a better strap or rope.

The straps are 10ft long and include daisy loops for quick adjustment of the hammock and simple hanging. It’s also a breeze to take down thanks to being easy to roll up.

Heavy Duty: Covacure Camping Hammock

Heavy duty hammock with 772lb weight capacity
Includes iron carabiners and ground stakes
Reasonable price
Material is quite thin so bugs may bite you
Bag is not connected to the hammock

Total Length: 9’5ft // Weight Capacity: 772lbs // Material: 210T Nylon

My final recommendation for tall people is this Covacure camping hammock. It’s a heavy-duty hammock with a maximum capacity of 772lbs, you could fit a whole family in here.

At 9’5ft it’s one of the longer hammocks, however, it’s 4’6ft wide which is slightly slimmer than the others. It’s still decent dimensions for someone tall to find a comfortable position.

It’s made of 210T parachute nylon which is very soft, although the hammock material is quite thin. It has a built-in mosquito net with tiny holes that will stop even the smallest of bugs from eating away at you in the night.

Included are straps, iron carabiners, aluminum stakes for the ground, and a carry bag, however, the carry bag is not attached to the hammock as with some brands so you’ll have to be careful not to lose it.