Can You Have Sex in a Hammock? [Hell Yes – Here’s How]

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When you decided to go hammock camping with your partner, one of the thoughts that might have gone through your head is whether you can have sex on the trip. Well, yes you can and in this guide, I’ve put together some top tips so you can take to it like a pro.

Can You Have Sex in a Hammock?

Yes, you can have sex in a hammock and it’s not as difficult as you might think. It’s best to stick to basic positions such as missionary with the guy using one or two legs on the floor to balance out the swinging of the hammock.

The best hammocks for sex are gathered-end hammocks such as Brazilian, Mayan, or camping hammocks. Although hammocks with spreader-bars have a more bed-like appearance, they have a higher center of gravity which makes them very prone to tipping so you’ll have to be far more gentle when using these.

Having sex in a hammock chair is more difficult than a regular hammock because they swing in several directions so it’s harder to find stability, although it’s still possible with the girl on top. If you really dig the idea of sex in a hammock chair, maybe one of these sex swings is more up your street.

Tips for Having Sex in a Hammock

1. Use the hanging height to your advantage

The first tip is all about getting the position of the hammock correct. You want it to be as low to the ground as possible to ensure a low center of gravity, but also high enough so that you do not hit the floor with the extra weight from two people in the hammock.

2. Use legs for support.

The swinging of a hammock might be calming when you’re trying to sleep, but it’s not helpful when you’re trying to bang. The best way to get some stability in a hammock is for the guy to keep one or two legs on the floor with the hammock running between his legs.

3. Don’t be creative.

Of course, we all like to be creative from time to time, but finding your balance in a hammock is difficult enough without working your way through the Karma Sutra.

Stick to simple positions such as missionary, using legs on the ground for support as mentioned above. Doggy is also possible but only if the girl has a steady balance and be prepared to end up on the floor.

4. Try 69 instead.

Another great position is the 69 with two people facing opposite directions. There is less motion involved so you do not need to keep one leg on the floor for this one which is ideal if the ground is wet or muddy.

5. Use a hammock tarp for privacy.

If you’re out in the middle of an empty forest then you shouldn’t have any problems and there’s something magical about sex under the stars. But if you’re at a campsite, then you should be considerate of potential passers-by.

Using a hammock tarp with the sides angled downward steeply can provide more privacy. A winter tarp that has all sides covered with a zipper door is even better.

6. Thinking of sharing the hammock all night? Think again.

Sex in a hammock is one thing, but sharing a hammock between two people for the entire night is a totally different story. The way a hammock is designed means that your bodies are forced together which can become uncomfortable when sleeping. It’s also impossible to move around or get up for the toilet in the night without waking the other person up.

Cuddling in a hammock is great, but when you’re ready to sleep, I recommend using separate hammocks. You can use a tandem bar to keep the hammocks close together and still share the same tarp.

Best Positions for Sex in a Hammock

The people over at Hammock Town have an interesting post on hammock sex positions with some amusing images thrown in, although many of them are far too outrageous for the constraints of a hammock (happy to be proven wrong).

Attempting some of them might be fun, but taking a more realistic approach, these are the best sex positions for a hammock:

  • Missionary
  • Butterfly
  • Doggy
  • Sixty-Nine