Best Hammocks for Your Backyard

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If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard, then a hammock is the perfect addition. You can create a cozy lounging area where you can soak up the rays whilst reading a book, or simply take an afternoon nap.

There are lots of great hammocks to choose between, some are better suited to outdoor areas around your home such as a yard, deck or patio, whereas others are better suited to camping. In this guide, I’ll share my recommended hammocks to create your perfect relaxation space.

Quick Summary

Here are our my top three recommended hammocks for your backyard, keep reading for the full list:

Image Product DETAILS  
best overall
Vivere Brazilian Hammock
  • 100% cotton material clings nicely to your body
  • Over 30 patterns to choose from
  • Great value for money
Best for Durability
Zupapa Quilted Hammock
  • More durable thanks to synthetic material
  • Spreader bar style can be easier to get in
  • Curved spreader bar for balance
Best for Comfort
Yellow Leaf Mojave
  • Lightweight cotton that clings to your body like being hugged
  • Large bed size makes it easy to get comfortable
  • Hand crafted in Northern Thailand

Buyers Guide

Here are the key things to keep in mind when buying a hammock for your back or front yard:

  • Material: As you’ll be using your hammock outside, the type of material used will make a difference. Cotton is the most popular and usually the most comfortable, but it absorbs a lot of moisture and accumulate mould if left out permanently. Synthetic materials such as polyester are better for hammocks that you plan to leave outdoors as they are easier to care for.
  • Length: If you have a specific area to hang your hammock, then you will want to ensure it’s the correct length. If hanging from a tree or posts, the hammock should be at least 2 feet shorter than the gap. If using a hammock stand, refer to the specific recommendations as this can vary.
  • Single, Double or Family: In terms of width, this is usually stated as single, double or family as the actual width will vary depending upon the type of hammock. The width and weight capacity will usually be related, with a single hammock having around 300lb capacity and a double or family having in excess of 400lbs.
  • Spreader Bars: A spreader bar is the wooden bar that runs down the top and bottom of some hammocks to spread the suspension strings out. This results in a more open hammock that’s more like a bed. These hammocks are considered easier to get in to, however they are much flatter which makes them prone to tipping.

Best Hammocks for Backyard

Here are my top recommended hammocks for your backyard:

Below are images and full descriptions of each hammock I have suggested, along with my commentary.

Best Overall: Vivere Brazilian Hammock


Brazilian style is cozy and well balanced
More than 30 vibrant patterns and colours to choose between


Shouldn’t be left outside when not in use
Bed SizeDouble (7’11ft x 5’3ft)
Weight Capacity450lbs
Material100% Cotton

This Vivere Brazilian style hammock is my top recommended hammock for your backyard. The Brazilian style features a gathered end and is made from thick cotton fabric. As you get inside, the hammock will wrap around your body for support and the low sag means it’s very difficult to fall out.

The hammock has a total length of 12ft and a bed width of 5’3ft which is adequate for one or two people. The proper way to lie in a gathered end hammock is diagonally across it which helps you find a flat position.

Made from 100% cotton denim, the hammock comes in a huge range of patterns and styles, from stripped to checked and more bohemian looking options with tassels. The colours are vivid and do not fade over time. As the material isn’t treated, I wouldn’t recommend leaving it out when not in use.

Best for Durability: Zupapa Quilted Hammock


Polyester material is weather proof
Easier to clean and care (great if you have children)


Spreader bar hammocks are more wobbly than gathered end
Polyester tends to be less comfortable than cotton as it’s not as springy
Bed SizeDouble (6’3ft x 4’5ft)
Weight Capacity275lbs

If you want something that’s a bit more weatherproof and durable, then a quilted hammock like this one from Zupapa might be a better fit.

Some people feel that a gathered end hammock is hard to get in to, especially those who aren’t used to hammocking. That’s where a spreader bar comes in handy, it’s a wooden bar that runs across the strings to give it an open position. Spreader bars can make a hammock slightly more tippy, however I’ve chosen this particular hammock as the spreader bar is slightly curved which helps make it more balanced.

It’s made from two layers of polyester which is a synthetic material and much more resilient than most cotton fabrics. It’s ideal for the backyard, especially if you have kids because the polyester doesn’t absorb much water so is easy to clean. In between the two layers is extra stuffing to provide a bit of comfort as polyester isn’t that comfortable on its own.

The spreader bar is made from bamboo and has a clever clip in the middle that allows it to break in half for easy storage. Speaking of storage, it comes with a handy carry case too.

Best for Comfort: Yellow Leaf – Mojave


Soft but lightweight material
Cotton clings to your body providing comfort and support
Handwoven in Thailand


Premium price point
Bed SizeFamily (7ft x 6ft)
Weight Capacity400lbs

Next up is this Yellow Leaf hammock. Before I get into the details of the hammock itself, fans of Shark Tank might recognise the Yellow Leaf brand when founders Joe and Rachel pitched the sharks for investment and were inundated with proposals.

The hammocks are the only ones on this list to be made in Asia where hammocks are also popular. They are made by the Mlabri Tribe whom Joe and Rachel met when visiting Northern Thailand. The high-quality handwoven hammocks immediately caught their attention.

The hammocks are made in a traditional Mayan style, with a soft mesh-like cotton in a gathered end style without a spreader bar. The material is what really makes these hammocks, it’s extremely soft and will cling to your body in a cocoon of coziness, you’ll never want to leave the comfort of your backyard again.

The hammocks are a double size and have a 400lb capacity. One final touch that I really like is that each hammock is signed by its creator.

Best for Style: Novica Bohemian Hammock


Natural cotton is sustainable and softer
Made by artisan villages, comes with story card
Fair trade certified


Sizes can vary due to being hand made
Bed SizeFamily (7'6ft x 5'5ft)
Weight Capacity450lbs
MaterialNatural Cotton

This bohemian style hammock shouts summer vibes. It’s made from 100% natural cotton which is more sustainable and has longer fibres which adds to the softness of the material.

It’s sold by Novica which is a marketplace that connects artisan makers in Central and South America with buyers looking for quality products. All of their hammocks are fair trade certified, so you know the maker is getting a fair wage, plus they come with a story card that tells you about the hammocks back story.

The hammock is big at 11’11ft long with a bed width of 5’5ft so it’s perfect for all the family to hang out in the garden. As it’s made from cotton, it’s not suitable for being left out in the bad weather.

Best with Spreader Bar: Ohuhu Nicaraguan-Style Hammock


Spreader bar has a clip to allow it to fold down
Very affordable
Straps, carabiner and carry case included


Less breathable than 100% cotton hammocks
Bed SizeDouble (6’7ft x 4’11ft)
Weight Capacity441lbs
MaterialCotton and Polyester

The next recommended hammock for your backyard is another spreader bar design, however this one is in the Nicaraguan style (sometimes just called American style) which is made from a single piece of fabric.

The Ohuhu hammock uses a polyester-cotton blend which makes is very unlikely to tear compared to typical cotton hammocks. However, you do lose some of the breathability that cotton provides.

The hammock is 10’6ft long so doesn’t require too much space to hang, ideal if you have a smaller garden or plan to use a hammock stand. The design here features vibrant multi-color stripes but there are others to choose from. The hammock comes with everything you need to hang it from a tree or posts in your garden, plus a handy carry case.

Best Rope Hammock: Vivere Double Rope Hammock


Rope hammock allows air circulation
3 ply cotton is stretchy and supportive


Ropes made from cotton so shouldn’t be left outside permanently
Requires large hanging area
Bed SizeDouble (7ft x 5ft)
Weight Capacity450lbs
Material100% Cotton

When you picture a beach scene with a hammock, you probably imagine a loose weave rope hammock in the Caribbean. Well, now you can bring the essence to your backyard with Vivere’s rope hammock. It features a spreader bar to hold the hammock open and make it easier to get in and out of.

The rope is made from 100% cotton, so you won’t be able to leave it out year-round as cotton can be prone to mildew if it gets wet regularly. However, you will benefit from it being far more comfortable than the polyester rope hammocks, thanks to 3-ply thick cotton that’s stretchy and supports your body.

The hammock is one of the longer options at 12.5ft long from ring to ring, this is perfect.

Best for Versatility: ENO Camping Hammock


Suitable for backyard but can also be used while camping or traveling
Material is very weatherproof and can withstand being left out in the rain


Made from nylon which isn’t as cozy as the previous cotton hammocks
Bed SizeDouble (6'2ft Wide)
Weight Capacity400lbs
Material70D Nylon Taffeta

I wouldn’t typically recommend a camping hammock for the backyard, this is because they are made from synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon instead of cotton like the others I have shared. This is less comfortable and not necessary for the backyard.

However, I have spoken to a number of enthusiasts over the years who will happily throw up a camping hammock in their backyard. This is because they don’t want to invest in multiple hammocks so having one that is fit for all occasions is important.

That’s why I’m including the ENO DoubleNest in this list. It’s a very versatile hammock that is strong and lightweight for when you’re off camping, but still comfortable enough to lounge around in at home.

As it’s made from nylon, it’s much stronger and more resistant to the weather than your typical leisure hammock that’s made from cotton. This means you don’t need to worry if it’s left out and it can easily be washed or wiped if the kids spill something on it.

Comparison Chart

Here is a comparison chart so you can see the differences between each hammock side-by-side:

Key SpecsVivere Brazilian HammockZupapa Quilted HammockYellow Leaf - MojaveNovica Bohemian HammockOhuhu Nicaraguan-Style HammockVivere Double Rope HammockENO DoubleNest
Bed SizeDouble (7’11ft x 5’3ft)Double (6’3ft x 4’5ft)Family (7ft x 6ft)Family (7'6ft x 5'5ft)Double (6’7ft x 4’11ft)Double (7ft x 5ft)Double (6'2ft Wide)
Weight Capacity450lbs275lbs400lbs450lbs441lbs450lbs400lbs
Material100% CottonPolyesterCottonNatural CottonCotton and Polyester100% Cotton70D Nylon Taffeta
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