Best Top Quilts for Hammock Camping

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Keeping warm at night is a primary concern when hammock camping, especially as wind chill can make it colder than tent camping. Most people will consider either a top quilt or a sleeping bag.

I prefer to use a top quilt as they have been perfectly sized for a hammock and you don’t compress the air underneath you. In this guide, I’m going to share some of my favorite top quilts to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Quick Overview

best overall
ENO Vesta
  • Offers a nice balance of performance, weight, and price.
  • Best for temperatures between 30-50°F.
  • Lightweight to carry at 28oz.
Best Value
OneTigris Featherlite
  • More affordable choice that still provides good insulation.
  • Suitable for temperatures down to 40°F.
Best for Winter
Hyke Byke Crestone
  • Suitable for the toughest climates with a temperature limit down to 0°F.
  • Uses down filling which is considered superior to synthetic.
  • More expensive than others due to quality.

Key Considerations for a Top Quilt

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your top quilt:

  • Material – There is both the filling and outer shell material to consider. The outer shell will usually be nylon or polyester, nylon is stronger on a weight-for-weight basis although usually more expensive. When it comes to the filling, your choices will be down or synthetic materials, see the below section for a comparison of these.
  • Temperature rating – You should consider the temperatures you’ll be camping out in when choosing insulation. If you’ll be camping in winter, look for a four-season product that will have a rating of around 0-15°F.
  • Weight – If you’ll be taking your top quilt on backpacking trips, you’ll want to minimize the size and weight it takes up.
  • Style – As much as I love camping hammocks, I still camp in a tent when I’m with my friends so I like to find products that can work for both. If you’re like me, look for top quilts that can also be used as a camping blanket by unzipping the footbox.

Down vs Synthetic Material

There are two main types of filling used in top quilts, these are down and synthetic:

Down comes from birds, it’s the layer of fine feathers found under their tougher exterior feathers (source). It’s one of the best insulating materials as it’s very lightweight, however, down is expensive so it’s only found in premium products. The insulating properties of down are measured as fill power with the higher number being fluffier and warmer.

Synthetic materials are often used as a cheaper alternative to down with polyester being the most common choice. This is a man-made substitute that aims to mimic the properties of down, although it’s not as effective so you need more filling to achieve the same temperature rating which makes the products heavier. It does perform better when damp and is far quicker to dry.

Best Top Quilts for Hammocks

The best top quilts for hammocks are:

Below you’ll find my full reviews of each top quilt along with the reasons I have added it to the list. Each person has a different use case so I’ve included options for a variety of situations.

Best Overall: ENO Vesta


Three-season top quilt that weighs just 28oz
Zippered footbox allows dual use as a camping blanket
Comes with a mesh storage bag which makes it easy to fit in your backpack


Not suitable for winter or very cold climates
Value for Money👍👍👍
FillingSynthetic (Primaloft)
Outer shell20D ripstop nylon
Size6’6” x 4’5”
Temp rating30-50°F

The best top quilt for hammock camping is the ENO Vesta which offers a good balance between performance, weight, and price, making it a great all-around top quilt that can suit most trips.

This is a three-season top quilt with a recommended temperature range of 30-50°F. Keep in mind that ENO tends to use a ‘comfort range’ rather than an extreme limit as most other manufacturers do, so in reality, it will be suitable slightly below this range.

It is made with Primaloft Gold synthetic insulation which is widely considered to be one of the best synthetic materials, it has a clo value of 0.92 which is equivalent to 550 fill power down.

The Vetsa is a typical style top quilt in a mummy shape with a footbox that is zippered and can be undone when you want to use it as a camping blanket.

Best Value: OneTigris Featherlite


Great value due to low price and high quality manufacture
Synthetic filling will perform better in damp conditions than down
Ripstop nylon outer shell is highly tear-resistant


Fairly narrow compared to other top quilts which may limit space to manoeuvre
Value for Money👍👍👍👍👍
FillingSynthetic (polyester)
Outer shell20D ripstop nylon
Size6’5” x 2’8”
Temp rating41°F

As top quilts are still fairly uncommon, there aren’t a huge range of budget options just yet. But if you’re trying to keep costs down, one you might want to consider is the OneTigris Featherlite top quilt.

Like the ENO above, this also uses a synthetic filling, although opting for SEE Polyester which gives it a minimum temperature limit of 40°F.

At 2’8ft wide, it’s much narrower than the other top quilts in this review by almost a third, so you’ll have less room to maneuver once inside. Given that you’ll be in a hammock anyway, I don’t see this being a massive problem unless you have a broad body type already.

Most Versatile: ENO Spark


Great for hammock or tent camping – can be used as a top quilt, blanket, or basic sleeping bag
Lightweight to carry
Cheaper than the previous ENO product


Filling not as efficient as the previous ENO product – temp rating of 40°F
Value for Money👍👍👍👍
FillingSynthetic (polyester)
Outer shell40D ripstop nylon
Size6’6” x 4’5”
Temp rating40-60°F

ENO have a range of three top quilts, I’ve already included their Vesta as my top pick but the ENO Spark top quilt is also worth including. Not only is it cheaper than the Vesta but it’s also much more versatile.

This is a three-in-one camping blanket which can be used as a top quilt, blanket, or a minimalist sleeping bag. I like to have products suitable for both tent and hammock camping so this is a great design.

This is also a product that uses synthetic insulation. It’s not the same Primaloft insulation as the Vesta but a recycled polyester filling which is why the temperature range isn’t as low with a recommended 40°F – 60°F. Remember that ENO use a comfort zone rather than an absolute limit so use this for guidance.

The ENO Spark is very lightweight at just 25oz and has a 40D ripstop nylon outer shell which is denser than any of the other brands and therefore least likely to tear over time.

Best for Winter: Hyke Byke Crestone


Suitable for use in any season thanks to 0°F rating (15°F also available)
Made with down filling which is lighter and more efficient than synthetic


Most expensive product
Value for Money👍👍👍
Filling650 Fill Power Down
Outer shell20D ripstop nylon
Size6’6” x 5’7”
Temp rating0°F

Camping out in winter requires dedicated four-season equipment, including your top quilt. The Hyke & Byke Crestone is a great pick as it can be used in temperatures as low as 0°F. This is because it uses a down filling with a 650 fill power, down (fine feathers) is known for being a better insulator than synthetic equivalents on a weight-for-weight basis.

But, the Crestone has another trick up its sleeve. It goes around the outside of your hammock to function as both a winter underquilt and top quilt all-in-one. This means you can carrying weight by only taking one piece of insulation, although at 57oz it’s not a substantial saving.

The standard size shown here is suitable for users up to 6ft, however, there is also a longer size available that will accommodate anyone up to 6’6ft.

The biggest downside of this top quilt is the price, at more than $200 it’s the most expensive hammock top quilt out of all those reviewed here.

Best Lightweight Quilt: Featherstone Moondance


Down used in this quilt is fluffier than previous product (fill power of 850)
Made to a high quality including the materials and seams
Good temperature rating, suitable down to 26°F


Outer shell is thinner than most other top quilts on the market
Value for Money👍👍👍
Filling850 Fill Power Duck Down
Outer shell10D nylon
Size6’4” x 4’6”
Temp rating26°F

If you’re a regular on the trail, you’ll probably know what it’s like to lug unnecessary weight around with you so minimizing every item is essential. For those of you that will be carrying your top quilt around a lot, I recommend this Featherstone Moondance which is super lightweight at 23oz.

Although this is only 2oz less than the ENO Spark mentioned above, consider that it’s suitable for temperatures as low as 26°F compared to the Spark’s recommended limit of 40°F.

The reason that it’s able to perform so well despite being lightweight is due to the choice of filling. Instead of synthetic, this uses a traditional duck down filling that’s renowned for being lighter and more efficient. The down has a fill power of 850 which means it’s fluffier than the Hyke Byke product and provides more effective insulation.

The outer shell is also made from 10D nylon as opposed to 20D in the other quilts, this means it’s half the density.

Down does come with its disadvantages though, for starters it’s expensive so the top quilt has a high price tag, secondly, it doesn’t perform well when wet. Luckily the built quality of the Moondance is very high but it’s a good consideration if you’ll be using it regularly in wet or humid climates.

Best for Tall People: Go Outfitters


Best option for tall people with a user height limit of 7’6″
Affordable price given the specs
20°F temperature rating is among the best of those compared


One of the heavier quilts to carry around due to excess material and synthetic filling
Value for Money👍👍👍
Outer shell210T ripstop polyester
Size7’ x 4’5”
Temp rating20°F

Although I’m only a minuscule 5’6ft myself, I’m always thinking of my taller readers which is why I wrote a guide to the best camping hammocks for tall people. This time I have a great top quilt to go with it, the Go Outfitters Adventure top quilt.

It’s made from 210T Ripstop Polyester and the design allows it to be used as both a top quilt with a footbox or as a camping blanket.

It has a synthetic filling made with max loft 100% polyester which allows the quilt to be used in temperatures as low as 20°F, the second-best rating on this list.

The only downside is the weight of the quilt, at 47oz it contributes quite a lot to your baggage weight so you probably won’t want to use this one during warm summer nights.

Great Alternative: Onewind Wearable Blanket


Fun alternative to a traditional top quilt
Not very expensive
Would make it much easier to get in and out of the hammock


Footbox uses cinch closing rather than zipper – may not be as effective
Value for Money👍👍👍👍
Outer shell20D nylon
Size6’4" x 4’6”
Temp rating40°F

I had to include this final recommendation because it looks super comfortable and it would make getting in and out of your hammock so much easier. Again, it uses a synthetic filling and 20D ripstop nylon like the ENO and OneTigris options that I shared earlier.

Despite their claims that it’s lightweight in the product description, at 47oz it’s one of the heavier options and unlike the Hyke Byke Creson, you’ll also need to carry an underquilt as it won’t keep your butt warm in the slightest. This isn’t for serious trekkers but more a bit of fun when camping locally or even for use in your backyard.

Whilst it’s a nice idea in principle, I’m a little unsure about the cinch-style footbox and how well this will retain heat, this likely explains why the temperature rating is n lower than 40°F.

Comparison Table

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the key specs for each top quilt:

ENO VestaOneTigris FeatherliteENO Spark Hyke Byke CrestoneFeatherstone MoondanceOnewind Wearable BlanketGo Outfitters Adventure
Value for Money3/55/54/53/53/54/53/5
FillingSynthetic (Primaloft)Synthetic (polyester)Synthetic (polyester)650 Fill Power Down850 Fill Power Duck DownSyntheticSynthetic
Outer shell20D ripstop nylon20D ripstop nylon40D ripstop nylon20D ripstop nylon10D nylon20D nylon210T ripstop polyester
Size6’6” x 4’5”6’5” x 2’8”6’6” x 4’5”6’6” x 5’7”6’4” x 4’6”6’4" x 4’6”7’ x 4’5”
Temp rating30-50°F41°F40-60°F0°F26°F40°F20°F
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