Best Indoor Hammocks

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Hammocks might be traditionally thought of as outdoor products, but they are equally great indoors too. In fact, being free of any concerns about weather resistance means you can opt for the comfiest hammocks to lounge around your home.

In this guide I’ll share some of my favourite indoor hammocks that will give you the perfect lounging space, whilst looking stylish too.

Which Types of Hammock for Indoors?

Here are the three types of hammocks that are best suited for using inside:

  • Mayan – This is my personal favourite style of hammock. They are made in a traditional gathered end style without a spreader bar. The material is usually a thin cotton that is stretchy to mould to your body shape, whilst still being lightweight to allow air flow.
  • Brazilian – The most popular type of hammock for both indoors and out is Brazilian. This is a similar style to Mayan only using a much thicker cotton material that provides more support.
  • Rope – Finally we have rope hammocks which are one of the oldest types, yet still commonplace. These days a thinner weave is usually preferred so you’ll notice the gaps are a lot smaller than the rope hammocks you might have seen in a typical beach scene. These can be found with or without a spreader bar although for indoors I’d recommend going without.

For more on the types of hammock, see my full guide.

Quick Buyers Guide

There are less things to keep in mind when buying a hammock to use under the cover of a roof as you don’t need to worry about weather resistance. Nonetheless, here are the two main considerations:


Since you’ll be using your hammock inside, you’ll probably want one made from cotton as these are the most comfortable. In particular, look for organic or natural cotton as these have longer fibres which add to the comfort, as well as being sustainable.

The thickness of the material is also important, a Brazilian Hammock will have the thickest material, followed by Mayan that is like a cotton mesh and finally rope which will has larger holes.


The size of your hammock is always important to consider, but especially when you’ll be hanging it indoors as you may have a limited amount of space.

When considering where to hang it, look at the total length rather than bed length. This is usually between 9 and 13ft. The width of the hammock is measured as single, double or family, depending upon how many people you want it to hold. Also look for the weight capacity, single hammocks hold around 300lbs, whereas doubles are in excess of 400lbs.

Remember, you don’t have to hang it from the walls, ceilings can also make a great anchor point for a hook and will give you more clearance space to play with.

Best Hammocks for Indoors

Here are my top recommended indoor hammocks:

Below I have shared full details and my own review of each hammock.

RISEON Brazilian Hammock

Stylish bohemian look
Polyester woven in to the cotton gives it strength and durability
No alternative patterns or sizes

Total Length: 10’6ft  //  Bed Size: Double (7’11ft x 4’11ft)  //  Weight Capacity: 450lbs  //  Material: Cotton and Polyester

This bohemian hammock from RISEON is my favourite pick for indoors as it’s large, comfy and looks great.

It’s a beige colour that will complement any interior design, whilst the fringe tassels give it a bit of personality. The style is a traditional Brazilian hammock with gathered ends, this is considered one of the best types of hammocks for lounging in as it provides plenty of support for your body.

The hammock is 10’6ft long in total with a bed length of 7’11ft which is provides plenty of room no matter what size you are. The width is just under 6ft which is a double size hammock, however you can still lounge in it as a solo occupant.

It’s made from a polycotton blend which adds extra strength thanks to the polyester fibres, but you still get the comfort and stretchiness that cotton offers.

Hammocks Rada – Mayan Hammock

Lightweight and airy
Large 550lb capacity
At 13ft it may be too long for some indoor spaces

Total Length: 13ft  //  Bed Size: 7ft x 6ft  //  Weight Capacity: 550lbs  //  Material: Cotton and Nylon

Hammocks Rada has half a century of experience making hammocks and this is one of their most popular products, it’s easy to see why.

It’s made in the Mayan style which is my favourite type. The material is slightly stretchy and moulds to your body for comfort, however they are also light and airy, so you won’t get too warm, this is especially important if you’ll be using it indoors.

This hammock has been made from cotton, which is typical for one of this style, however the strings utilise a strong nylon synthetic which gives it durability and a large 550lb weight capacity.

At 13ft x 7ft, it’s easily suitable for two people. However, I personally love wrapping up in a large Mayan hammock by myself for extra comfort. There are 8 different patterns to choose from so I’m confident there will be one you’ll love.

Premium Pick: Yellow Leaf Mojave

Premium hammocks with a close triple weave
Handmade by Mlabri tribe in Thailand
Expensive (but worth it)

Bed Size: 7ft x 6ft  //  Weight Capacity: 400lbs  //  Material: Cotton

Banana Leaf hammocks are the very best and I challenge you to find anyone who doesn’t agree. They are made in Northern Thailand by the Mlabri tribe and then distributed across Europe and North America by Joe and Rachel who founded Banana Leaf hammocks.

If the brand sounds familiar, it’s because they appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank where their hammocks caused a stir among the investors that saw their potential.

The hammocks are made from ultra-soft cotton that has been hand woven in a close triple weave that clings around your body. The hammock is a double size and strong enough to hold up to 400lbs, yet the material is still light enough to allow lots of air circulation, so you don’t heat up.

As well as being comfortable, they also look great with softer colour tones than most hammocks that wouldn’t look out of place in your living room or a cozy nook in your home. Unfortunately, being such great hammocks does come with a high price tag, so these won’t be for everyone.

All Nahlo – The Saul Collection

Cotton rope proves great air circulation
Single or double sizes available
Handwoven in artisan villages
Sizes can vary due to being handmade

Total Length: 10ft // Bed Size: 4.9ft wide // Weight Capacity: 260lbs // Material: 100% Cotton

I always love to include some boutique hammock brands in my recommendations and that’s where Al Nahlo comes in.

These hammocks are handmade by Saul and his family in artisan villages in Mexico. The All Nahlo brand was started by adventure lovers Shanie and Yossi who met Saul when travelling Mexico and knew that his hammocks would appeal to a broad audience, particularly those reminiscing about their travels in Central and South America.

This hammock has a luxurious feel and a casual look that would make it perfect for using indoors. It’s a cotton rope hammock with thick strings that give it extra comfort. Pictures here is a single size at 10ft x 5ft and designed to hold around 260lbs, however there is also a double size that is 12ft x 7ft and will hold 440lbs.

Vivere Brazilian Hammock

Top Brazilian-style hammock brand
Over 30 patterns to choose between

Total Length: 12ft // Bed Size: 7’11ft x 5’3ft // Weight Capacity: 450lbs // Material: Cotton (Denim)

Vivere are a well-established hammock brand in North America, you may recognise some of their hammock stands that I recommend. They also make this really cosy Brazilian-style hammock that would be a welcome addition in your home.

If you want something a little thicker and warmer, then this Brazilian style hammock will do the trick as the 100% cotton material is denser than some of the other hammocks so it’s perfect for lounging around in all weather, even when the house is cold.

This is another hammock in the gathered end style which makes them less prone to tipping due to the lower center of gravity. The hammock is available in over 30 different patterns as well as various size options. This particular hammock is 12ft long and with a bed width of 5’3 making it suitable for two people.

La Siesta Hammock Chair

Organic cotton is softer thanks to longer fibres
Can be hung from ceiling or a stand in smaller spaces
Single occupant only

Total Length: 5’11ft // Weight Capacity: 285lbs // Material: Organic Cotton

If you prefer to sit in your hammock, rather than lie down, then a hammock chair might be more up your street. These are perfect for indoors as they take up a lot less room and can easily be hung from the ceiling.

My top hammock chair is this one from La Siesta. It’s made from 100% organic cotton which is super soft and light on your skin, whilst also being an ethical choice as no chemicals are used and the farmers are paid a fair wage.

The hammock is 5’11 long so it’s still really spacious and has a 285lbs weight capacity. The product is actually made in Columbia where hammock originated, and it’s handcrafted by local artisans. The hammock comes in 8 designs and has a built-in swivel that allows 360-degree rotation.

If that wasn’t enough to sell you on it, then the 2-year warranty might help give you peace of mind that this is a real quality product.

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