Are Hammocks Waterproof?

Hammocks camping is growing in popularity and something I highly recommend, but for those used to a tent, there are a few worries to address. One of the biggest worries is whether hammocks can withstand the rain as well as a tent set up. So, are hammocks waterproof? No, most hammocks are not waterproof, especially … Read more

Can a Hammock Replace a Bed?

Whilst a bed is the traditional way to sleep in western countries, hammocks are more popular than you might think and there’s a growing trend for swapping out your bed in favour of a hammock. But can a hammock really replace a bed? Yes, a hammock can replace a bed and has been the preferred … Read more

7 Ways to Hang Your Hammock When Camping Without Trees

Camping in an area without trees and worried you won’t be able to wrap up in your cosy hammock? Never fear as there’s plenty of alternative ways to hang your hammock, even without a single tree in sight. Most methods do require some sort of pre-planning to ensure you have the desired equipment, so best … Read more