51 Hammock Captions for Instagram

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Have you got the perfect photo of you in your hammock ready to share on Instagram but just can’t think of something witty to say? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled 45 of my favorite hammock captions for Instagram that are sure to get you lots of likes.

General Hammock Captions

Here are some general quotes and short captions about hammocking:

  • Just hanging out.
  • Find me in the hammock.
  • Hammock vibes only.
  • The world needs more hammocks.
  • That Hammock Life.
  • Hang in there.
  • Some women want diamonds, I just want a hammock.
  • Home sweet hammock.
  • Don’t leave me hanging.
  • Do you even hammock?
  • Rock the hammock, don’t rock the hammock baby.
  • Hammock addiction.
  • BRB, just in my hammock.
  • Captain Hammock.
  • Swinging into the weekend like…
  • Hammock or it didn’t happen.
  • Hammock in the air like you just don’t care.
  • When in doubt, hammock it out.
  • Swinging through life.
  • Hanging on a thread.
  • Cliff hanger.
  • Gone hammocking.
  • ….and relax.
  • Has anyone seen my chill? I must have left it somewhere.
  • Keep calm and hammock on.
  • You had me at hammock.
  • All you need is a hammock day.

Captions for Hammocking at the Beach

Hammocks and the beach go hand-in-hand, here are some specific caption ideas for when you’re relaxing on golden shores:

  • Watch sunsets, not Netflix.
  • In my happy place.
  • Life’s a beach when you have a hammock.
  • All I need is a good dose of vitamin sea.
  • Find joy in the small things.
  • Don’t worry, Beach happy.
  • Hammock + beach = super chill.
  • Note to self: relax.
  • Girls just want to have sun.

Funny Hammock Captions

Are you the funny guy on Instagram? Try these funny hammock quotes on for size:

  • Well hung.
  • I’m easily swayed.
  • A hammock is like a giant net for catching lazy people.
  • All I want is someone to hold me like this hammock does.
  • Get a hammock they said. It will be fun they said.
  • I’m a bit tied up right now.
  • Did I mention I have a hammock?
  • Will you choose the hammock life? Or will the hammock life choose you?

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Hammock Captions for Couples

If you’re going for that cute couple vibe, here are some insta-worth captions:

  • Couples who hang together, stay together.
  • Are you a hammock? Because I wanna hang out with you all day.
  • Hanging out with the better half.
  • We decided to start swinging.
  • A relationship on the ropes.
  • I’ve got a hammock for two, and it’s got me and you written all over it.