15 Hammock Jokes That Won’t Leave You Hanging

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Who doesn’t love a good joke right? Well, there are jokes about everything and hammocks are no exception. Here are some of my favorite hammock jokes that you can use when you’re next hanging out with your friends:

Why did you buy that hammock?

The salesman was persuasive and I’m easily swayed.

What do you get when you cross a hammock and a dog?

A rocker spaniel.

I put up a hammock between two walls in my house.

It really ties the room together.

Why do women like men with a hammock?

Because they are well hung.

Why do people always hang their hammocks from aspen trees?

Because they’re ‘poplar’.

What happened when the guy hung his hammock off the edge of a mountain?

I don’t know, there was a cliff hanger.

What do you call a couple in a hammock?

A relationship on the ropes.

Dr Dr, I think I’m a hammock.

Just hang on one moment please sir.

I can’t sleep on suspension.

Trust me – I’ve tried that once and almost fell out of the hammock.

Can you hang a hammock with a damaged rope?

Frayed knot.

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What do you call a comedy roast between two pigs?

A ham-mock.

I once had a friend who was a hammock.

We just hung out a lot.

What’s the best book to read in a hammock?

To kill a hammocking bird

What do emos and hammocks have in common?

They both hang in trees