Gathered End vs Bridge Hammock: Which is Best?

A hammock is a great way to relax or sleep whether in your back garden or the middle of a jungle. The most common type of hammock is the gathered end hammock, which has been around for many centuries. An alternative to this traditional type of hammock is the bridge hammock which features a spreader … Read more

70D vs 210T Nylon Hammocks: What’s the Difference?

If you’re buying a new camping hammock, you’ll notice that they sometimes use different measurements for the type of material. Two of the most popular types of hammock material are 70D nylon and 210T nylon. For example, an ENO camping hammock states that it is 70D nylon, whereas many of the cheaper brands such as … Read more

Single vs Double Hammocks

When buying a hammock, you’ll need to choose between a single or double size. If you’ll be sharing then the choice is easy, but if you’ll be solo in the hammock, you might be wondering whether a larger size would be more comfortable. After all, you’d opt for a double bed wouldn’t you. A double … Read more

51 Hammock Captions for Instagram

Have you got the perfect photo of you in your hammock ready to share on Instagram but just can’t think of something witty to say? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled 45 of my favorite hammock captions for Instagram that are sure to get you lots of likes. General Hammock Captions Here are some general quotes and … Read more

15 Hammock Jokes That Won’t Leave You Hanging

Who doesn’t love a good joke right? Well, there are jokes about everything and hammocks are no exception. Here are some of my favorite hammock jokes that you can use when you’re next hanging out with your friends: Why did you buy that hammock? The salesman was persuasive and I’m easily swayed. What do you … Read more

Are Hammocks with Spreader Bars better?

To spreader bar or not to spreader bar? That is the question of our day. The spreader bar wasn’t part of the original hammock design back when it was created in South America. This was a feature added  later on in a move to make it more like a bed. Given the popularity of spreader … Read more

7 Main Types of Hammock (with Photos)

At a first glance, hammocks might seem indistinguishable, but as you explore the options available, you’ll discover a whole world of hammocks with different styles, materials and features. In this article, I’m going to run through the 7 main types of hammock that you’ll come across along with the pros and cons of each in … Read more