Best Hammocks for an Apartment Balcony

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If you live in an apartment, the balcony is a prime spot to hang your hammock to relax and watch the world go by.

The type of hammock will depend on how much space you have and whether there is exposure to the elements. If you have a small balcony, a hammock is a great way to make use of the space, plus, it can be put away when not in use.

In this guide, I’ll share some of the best hammocks for apartment balconies and some tips for getting a good hang.

Quick Summary

Here are our my top three recommended hammocks for your apartment balcony, keep reading for the full list:

Image Product DETAILS  
best overall
Vivere Brazilian Hammock
  • 100% cotton material with a nice stretch
  • Over 30 patterns to choose from
  • Great value for money
Best for COmfort
Yellow Leaf Mojave
  • Premium ultra-soft cotton which is very comfortable
  • Handcrafted in Northern Thailand
Best for Durability
ENO SingleNest
  • Weatherproof nylon material which can be left out in the rain
  • Versatile hammock that’s also suitable for travel or hiking

What Size Hammock for a Balcony?

The correct size hammock for a balcony will depend upon whether you’re hanging it between two points or using a hammock stand:

  • Hanging Between Two Points: If you’re using a balcony rail or installing some hooks, you should make sure that the hammock is 2ft longer than the distance between the two points. If possible, don’t fix any hooks until you have the hammock and you’ve tested it. You should aim for a sag of about 30%.
  • Hammock Stand: Each stand will have a different size requirement for hammocks as it depends on the style of stand. Refer to the instructions or sales page of the stand. It’s best if you can buy a hammock and stand together as you’ll guarantee that they are compatible.

At the end of this article, you’ll find some inspirational images of hammocks on apartment balconies.

Best Hammocks for Apartment Balcony

Here are my top recommended hammocks for your apartment balcony:

Next, I’ll delve into each recommendation, with the pros and cons, and why it’s a great choice for balconies.

Best Overall: Vivere Brazilian Hammock

Cotton material is warm and soft
Choose from over 30 different patterns
Available as single or double depending upon the size of your balcony

Total Length: 12ft  //  Bed Size: 7’11ft x 5’3ft  //  Weight Capacity: 450lbs  //  Material: Cotton (Denim)

Vivere is one of my favorite lounging hammocks and is ideal for hanging on an apartment balcony. It’s a gathered end Brazilian hammock which means it’s very slim and can be hung anywhere.

It has closed loops on each end, this is ideal for hanging with hooks, carabiners, or using a hammock stand. The 100% cotton material is thick and cozy which will keep you warm, even if there’s a breeze on your balcony.

The double hammock has a 400lb weight capacity so you can easily fit two adults in it. If you’re going for a color theme, there are more than 30 different patterns and designs to choose from.

Premium Pick: Yellow Leaf Mojave

Clings to your body providing good support
Handmade in Northern Thailand
Premium ultra soft cotton makes it very comfortable

Bed Size: 7ft x 6ft  //  Weight Capacity: 400lbs  //  Material: Cotton

Yellow Leaf hammocks are made from ultra-soft cotton using the traditional hand-woven methods of the Mlabri tribe in Northern Thailand.

These hammocks have a premium price point, but for a good reason as they are the comfiest hammocks around. They have been designed to cling to your body, offering comfort whilst supporting your pressure points.

Yellow Leaf are a familiar face as they featured on Shark Tank where the reputable investors were also blown away by the comfort.

The Mojave hammock has a striped design with soft pastel colors that will brighten up any apartment balcony. It’s suitable for holding up to 400lbs, although the weaving is very delicate so be careful not to sit in it with any sharp objects.

Best for Durability: ENO SingleNest

Nylon material is more durable than cotton
Can be washed and dried very easily
Perfect size for a small balcony
Not as comfy as a cotton hammock

Total Length: 9’4ft  //  Packed Weight: 16oz  //  Weight Capacity: 400lbs  //  Material: 70D Nylon Taffeta

The previous hammocks have all been made from cotton which doesn’t tend to fare well when left out in bad weather. If you want something a bit more durable, then I recommend looking towards a good camping hammock such as the Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) SingleNest.

It’s made from nylon taffeta which is a synthetic material. It doesn’t absorb water like cotton so is less prone to mold or mildew. Plus, it’s quick-drying if your balcony is exposed to rain or bad weather.

ENO are known for making tough hammocks, with solid stitching that will last a long time. There’s even a two-year manufacturer warranty to back this up.

Rather than strings at the ends, the ENO SingleNest has an aluminum carabiner which makes it easy to put up and take back down again. It also comes with an integrated carry case that is part of the hammock, so you don’t lose it.

The hammock is 9’4ft long with a bed width of 4’7 which is suitable for just one person, however, it’s got a capacity of up to 400lbs.

Best for Comfort: La Siesta

Made from organic cotton which is softer and more sustainable
Holds up to 440lbs
Several patterns to choose from
Might be too big for some balconies at 13ft

Total Length: 13ft  //  Bed Size: Family (8ft x 5’11ft)  //  Weight Capacity: 440lbs  //  Material: Organic Cotton

La Siesta’s Colombian style hammock is extremely well-balanced thanks to an open loop and strong cadejos (plaits) in the suspension strings.

If you’re looking to create a comfortable relaxation area on your balcony, this hammock is ideal as it’s made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is known for being much softer than regular cotton as there is less damage to the fibers during processing.

The hammock is quite large at 13ft long so it’s best suited to larger balconies or terraces. It also has a 440lb weight capacity which is well above average for a cotton hammock, testament to the highly skilled makers in Colombia where it is produced.

The bed size of the hammock is 8ft x 5’11ft and it’s available in 9 different patterns.

Best with Stand: Ohuhu with Space Saving Stand

Includes both a hammock and stand that are perfectly sized
Perfect for balconies with no hanging points
Stand can easily be put away when not in use

Total Length: 6’5ft  //  Total Weight: 30.9lbs (hammock + stand)  //  Weight Capacity: 450lbs  //  Material: Stainless Steel, Polyester + Cotton

If you don’t have anywhere suitable for placing hooks to hang your hammock on the balcony, you may want to opt for a hammock stand instead.

This space-saving hammock stand from Ohuhu is ideal for small spaces as the design means it won’t take up a lot of room and can still hold a fairly large hammock.

The stand itself is made from steel and can be put together or taken down in about 10 minutes, this means you can store it away in the included carry case whilst not in use. The stand comes with an Ohuhu Brazilian hammock which is made from polycotton blend and can hold up to 450lbs.

Best with Ridgeline: Hennessey Leaf Lounger

Has a ridgeline organizer, perfect for storing books, glasses, etc
Durable nylon material, suitable for all weather
More expensive than the ENO camping hammock

Suitable for: Anyone up to 6ft // Weight Capacity: 250lbs // Material: 70D High Intensity Nylon

The Leaf Lounger from Hennessey has been designed specifically as a stay-at-home hammock for lounging about in. It’s made from high-intensity 70D nylon so it’s up to the same quality standard as their camping hammocks, however, it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of their normal hammocks, nor the price tag.

The best part about the hammock is that they’ve decided to keep the ridgeline on it. No matter what angle you hand the hammock, the ridgeline will help it maintain the optimum sag. This can be very handy if you have a long balcony which would normally result in the hammock being too flat if hung without a ridgeline.

There’s also an included ridgeline organizer which would be very convenient for storing the latest book you’re reading or your glasses. You could also attach your own ridgeline accessories such as a mobile phone holder if you plan on watching Netflix in your chill spot.

Best for Ceiling Hanging: Hammocks Rada

Long hammock, ideal for hanging from the top of a balcony
Weight capacity of 550lbs
Light and airy so it’s great for warm weather
Thin material is prone to tears

Total Length: 13ft  //  Bed Size: 7ft x 6ft  //  Weight Capacity: 550lbs  //  Material: Cotton and Nylon

If you’ll mainly be using your hammock on the balcony in the summer and want something a bit lighter, this pick from Hammocks Rada is made from thin meshy cotton and provides great air circulation to keep you cool.

The hammocks are made in Central America, a region known for its traditional hammock making. They are handwoven in the traditional Mayan style before being sold across the world.

The hammock is 13ft long in total and has quite long suspension strings, this would be the ideal pick if you’ll be using ceiling hooks or have a rather long balcony. The bed area itself is 7ft long although it can vary due to being handwoven.

There’s a range of 8 different colors to choose from, although this double blue pattern is my favorite. Being a thinner material, it is more prone to rips and tears, so you’ll have to take care with it.

How to Hang a Hammock on a Balcony

There are three main ways to hang your hammock on a balcony:

Hammock Straps – If you already have two solid points to hang your hammock on your balcony, you can use hammock straps to set it up.

My top recommended straps for a hammock are Kammok Python which are 10ft long and each has 20 daisy loops to get the perfect hang.

Hook and Carabiner Set – If you’ll be creating your own attachment points, you’ll need this hook and carabiner set which is suitable for securing to any wall or stud.

The hooks and carabiners are made from stainless steel with a hanging capacity of 1,000lbs, meaning they will be strong enough for holding any of the hammocks shared here.

Hammock Stand – For a more temporary solution or if your balcony doesn’t have anywhere suitable for creating attachment points, you can opt for a dedicated hammock stand. I recommend the Ohuhu hammock and stand set as outlined in my guide above.

You can also see my full guide to the best hammock stands for more options.

Inspiration for Your Hammock Balcony

Finally, here is some inspiration for your balcony set up from other hammock lifers: