Best Hammock Stands for ENO Hammocks

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Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) hammocks are some of the best camping hammocks on the market but their appeal stretches well beyond camping for use at the beach, on holiday, and even in the backyard at home.

In this guide, I’ll share some hammock stands that are perfectly sized for ENO hammocks, both from ENO themselves but also some more affordable picks if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

Can You Put ENO On a Hammock Stand?

Yes, absolutely. As with any other brand, ENO hammocks can be used on hammock stands. You can either build your own stand by sinking two posts into the ground or opt for a manufactured stand.

Since ENO hammocks don’t have suspension strings (as is common with camping hammocks), you need to ensure the stand is a suitable style and should be wary when buying space-saving hammocks other than the one shared below which is tried and tested with ENO.

Best Hammock Stands for ENO Hammocks

These are the best stands for ENO hammocks:

Below are my full reviews of each stand and details about which hammocks it is suitable for.

Best Overall: ENO SoloPod

Designed especially for ENO hammocks so the sag is perfect
Quick to put together
Looks very premium with curved metal design
Expensive compared to other stands

Length: 10’6ft // Weight Capacity: 400lbs // Material: Steel // Price: $$$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 9’4ft // Hammock Included? No

If you’ve got an ENO hammock then it’s only right that you have an ENO hammock stand to go with it. The ENO SoloPod is the only curved metal hammock stand on the market.

The stand is made from steel tubing that has been powder coated, this means a special type of dry paint has been applied which is more durable than regular paint and provides protection against extreme weather. It is easily put together via quick-release spring clips.

The stand will fit ENO’s most popular hammocks including SingleNest, DoubleNest, and DoubleDeluxe. It has a 400lb rating which should be suitable for up to two average-sized adults.

Unfortunately, ENO is a premium brand which means it’s quite expensive compared to other hammock stands.

Runner Up: Sunny Daze Universal Stand

Affordable price
Suitable for a broad range of hammocks
High weight capacity at 550lbs
It’s not too visually appealing

Length: 10’4ft // Weight Capacity: 550lbs // Material: Steel // Price: $$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 9-14 feet // Hammock Included? No

If you’re looking for a more affordable hammock stand for ENO products, then I recommend you take a look at this universal stand from Sunny Daze.

The stand is made from steel tubing which makes it very sturdy and gives it a weight capacity of up to 550lbs which is more than any ENO hammock. As with the SoloPod, the stand has been powder coated which adds protection against the elements.

This is one of the best hammock stands on the market due to its versatility. It’s been tried and tested with both an ENO SingleNest and DoubleNest, however, the style would not be suitable for bridge hammocks or the SuperNest.

The versatility of the stand makes it perfect for a broad range of hammock sizes, accommodating any gathered end hammock between 9-14 feet in length.

Best for Indoors: OnCloud

Space saving design gives the stand a small profile
Very cheap
Only suitable for gathered-end hammocks

Length: 9ft // Weight Capacity: 450lbs // Material: Steel // Price: $ // Recommended Hammock Size: 9ft – 11’6 feet // Hammock Included? No

If you’ll be using your ENO hammock indoors or on a balcony, this space-saving stand design will make the most of the room available.

The stand is made from steel tubing which has been powder coated to provide protection from the rain and sun if being used outdoors. The stand is easy to set up and put away, with construction taking around 10 minutes, all required tools are included.

Despite the stand being just 9ft long, it is suitable for hammocks between 9ft – 11’6ft long. There are multiple holes down the side of each arm for adjusting where the hooks are situated. For ENO SingleNest and DoubleNest the very top hook will be fine.

The space-saving style is designed for gathered end hammocks only so it wouldn’t be suitable for the SkyLoft or SuperNest hammocks.

Best Wooden Stand: Sunny Daze

Wooden stand is more permanent and looks better in the backyard
Suitable for broad range of ENO hammocks including SingleNest, DoubleNest, SuperNest, Sky Loft and Sky Lite
More expensive than the steel stands

Length: 12ft // Weight Capacity: 400lbs // Material: Wood (Russian Pine) // Price: $$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 8-11 feet // Hammock Included? No

For those of you looking for something a bit more stylish and permanent, a wooden hammock stand is a good pick and will blend in much better in your backyard. Plus, they usually fare better when left out year-round than steel stands.

This Sunny Daze wooden hammock stand is perfectly sized for ENO hammocks and has a 400lb weight capacity which means it can hold two average-sized adults.

The stand is suitable for all hammocks between 8-11 feet in length which makes it perfect for ENO hammocks such as the SingleNest or DoubleNest. Unlike the previous stands, this one could also accommodate the SkyLoft bridge hammock and the wider SuperNest hammock recently announced by ENO.

Best for Sharing: ENO Pod

Ideal if you have multiple hammocks
Can still be used with one hammock on its own
Very expensive
Difficult to move once built due to it’s weight

Size: 10’2 x 11 x 4’4ft // Weight Capacity: 400lbs per Hammock // Material: Steel // Price: $$$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 9’4ft // Hammock Included? No

If you’re going to be hanging out with your friends, then the ENO pod is well worth considering. The triangular layout allows you to hang three ENO hammocks simultaneously.

As with the SoloPod, it’s built from steel tubing that’s been powder coated for weather protection. It can hold 400lbs per hammock, so a total capacity of 1200lbs. The stand has been designed so that it will still be sturdy when used with just a single hammock so you can still get some alone time.

As you’d expect, the stand is one of the heaviest on the market at 101lbs so you won’t be able to move it around very easily once constructed. However, its quick-release clip design makes it very simple to build and take down so you can still take it for a day at the beach.

Best for Camping: ENO Nomad

Super lightweight hammock stand
Quick and easy to construct
Very compact when folded away
Still not light enough to take backpacking

Length: 13’9ft // Weight Capacity: 300lbs // Material: Aluminum // Price: $$$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 9’4ft // Hammock Included? No

ENO has a dedicated hammock stand for use on the go called the ENO Nomad. The stand is more lightweight than ENO’s other stands and is ideal for use when camping away from home.

It’s made from lightweight aluminum which collapses down just like tent poles. The entire stand weighs just 15lbs and packs down to be very compact with an included carry case.

Being an ENO stand, it’s been designed to perfectly accommodate ENO’s single and double hammocks. However, the innovative design means it’s a popular pick for users with other brands of camping hammock too.

Keep in mind that when you account for the stand, shelter system (sold separately), and a hammock, it’s still not light enough to take backpacking or hiking as some people may suggest.