Best Wooden Hammock Stands

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For those of us lucky enough to have two perfectly placed trees in our garden, a stand is the next best option. Wooden hammock stands are a popular pick as they tend to look better than stainless steel equivalents and fair better against the weather.

Being such bulky items, returning them can be a huge hassle so it’s super important to get it right the first time. But with so many different sizes, styles, and materials to choose between, this isn’t always that simple.

Luckily, I’ve done all the hard work for you by reviewing all of the wooden hammock stands currently available and sharing my recommendations in this article.

What Size Hammock Stand Do I Need?

As a general rule, you’ll need a hammock stand that is at least 2ft longer than the total length of your hammock from ring to ring.

However, some hammock stands have space-saving designs or come with chains that allow them to be used with a range of hammock sizes. It’s always best to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation when it comes to suitable hammock sizes.

Best Wooden Hammock Stands

The best wooden hammock stands currently available are:

Below, you’ll find my full reviews of each wooden stand along with some helpful tips so that you choose the right one the first time.

Best Overall: Sunny Daze Wooden Stand

Premium looking stand
Suitable for a broad range of hammock sizes
Also available in a slightly larger 13ft size
Comes with one-year warranty from reputable brand

Length: 12ft // Weight Capacity: 400lbs // Material: Wood (Russian Pine) // Price: $$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 8-11 feet // Hammock Included? No

My top pick is the Sunny Daze arc hammock stand that’s made from long-lasting Russian pine wood which is one of the most common woods used in furniture due to its stiff durability and rustic look.

The wood has been treated with a non-toxic protecting oil that gives it extra protection against the elements so you can leave it outside year-round. However, as with all wooden hammock stands, a cover is recommended in winter.

The stand has a 400lb weight capacity which is enough for two adults to comfortably enjoy it. There is no hammock included but it’s suitable for both gathered end and spreader bar hammocks.

Included with the stand are two chains that allow it to be used with a range of hammock sizes. Featured here is the 12ft stand which is 4’3ft tall and suitable for hammocks between 8-11ft long. However, there’s also a 13ft version which is 4ft tall and suitable for slightly larger hammocks 9-12ft long.

Sunny Daze is one of the leading makers of leisure hammocking equipment and this hammock stand comes with their standard one-year guarantee.

Best for Brazilian Hammocks: Lazy Daze Pine Stand

Natural looking finish with varnish protection
Comes with a cotton Brazilian hammock
Smaller weight capacity that other stands

Length: 10ft // Weight Capacity: 300lbs // Material: Wood (Russian Pine) // Price: $$ // Recommended Hammock Size: Under 10’5ft // Hammock Included? Yes (Brazilian Style)

The stand is made from imported Russian Pine that has been coated with varnish to add lasting protection against the elements. Included with the stand is a 10’5ft Brazilian double hammock. There is no option to buy the stand without the included hammock.

The curved stand has zinc-coated carabiner hooks and chains included. The chains are provided so that you can use the stand with hammocks shorter than 10’5ft, although you cannot use hammocks larger than this.

The stand and hammock will require putting together yourself, once constructed, it will hold one person with a 300lb weight capacity.

Best for Spreader Bar Hammocks: Petra 12ft Stand

Sturdy stand on both grass and pavement
Comes with a durable quilted hammock that can be left outside
Smaller weight capacity so only suitable for one person

Length: 12ft // Weight Capacity: 300lbs // Material: Wood (European Larch Wood) // Price: $$ // Hammock Included? Yes (Spreader Bar)

Next up are two wooden hammock stands from California-based Petra. The first is a shorter 12ft stand that’s best suited for one person.

The stand is made from European Larch Wood and takes about 20 minutes to construct with all the required tools included. The stand is very sturdy and suitable for both grass or patio. It has been treated to protect against the weather with a teak stain finish.

It comes bundled with a quilted hammock that has a bed size of 6ft x 3’9ft and a capacity of 300lbs. Whilst you could fit two adults on this at a squeeze, it’s best to stick solo on this one. Quilted hammocks are known for their durability in all weather conditions due to the strong polyester material used to make them.

Although the included hammock has a spreader bar, the stand is also suitable for gathered end hammocks using the chains included.

Best for Small Spaces: Vivere Small Stand

Smaller 8ft stand that’s ideal for smaller gardens
Comes with a Brazilian hammock that’s one of the best on the market
Not suitable for larger hammocks

Length: 8ft // Weight Capacity: 450lbs // Material: Wood // Price: $$$ // Hammock Included? Yes (Brazilian Style)

This 8ft wooden hammock stand from Vivere is the smallest on my list so it’s ideal if you have a small backyard or could even be used indoors.

It’s made from solid pine that’s FSC-certified which means it comes from forests that have high environmental and social standards.

The stand is 8ft long and comes bundled with a Vivere double Brazilian hammock. These are some of the best Brazilian hammocks around and you have the choice between cotton, polyester, and Sunbrella. I’d recommend cotton if comfort is important to you, although Sunbrella is ideal for leaving out year-round.

The stand uses a space-saving style where the straps reach over the top of the arms, this allows it to hold the included 10’10ft hammock that would normally require a larger stand. The hammock and stand will hold up to 450lbs which is suitable for 2 average-sized adults.

Best Value: Petra 14ft Wooden Stand

Three different finishes available
Good price for a stand of this length
Suitable for a broad range of hammock sizes thanks to the included chains

Length: 14ft // Weight Capacity: 450lbs // Material: Wood (European Larch Wood) // Price: $$$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 9-11 feet // Hammock Included? No

The second Petra stand is a larger 14ft stand that’s made from the same European Larch Wood. The wood has been treated for protection against the weather, it’s available in three different finishes: natural stain, teak stain, and coffee.

It takes around 30 minutes to put together using the tools provided, ideally, this is a two-person job otherwise it may take longer. This one doesn’t come with any hammock included, however, it’s suitable for any hammock that’s 9-11ft long. There are hooks on each end and 2 x 20inch chains included so that you can use the stand with smaller hammocks.

The stand is suitable for both gathered end and spreader bar hammocks, although the stand’s maximum capacity is 450lbs so even if your hammock is rated higher than this, you should still not exceed it.

It’s excellent value for money compared to others on the market, however, it has been known to arrive with splits in the wood so ensure you fully inspect the entire stand before attempting construction.

Best for Large Hammocks: Vivere Arc Hammock Stand

Suitable for large hammocks up to 12 feet
Wood is sustainably sourced
Most expensive wooden hammock stand reviewed

Length: 15ft // Weight Capacity: 450lbs // Material: Wood (Pine) // Price: $$$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 10-12 feet // Hammock Included? No

This Vivere stand is the biggest wooden hammock stand on the market at 15ft long so it’s designed for large outdoor spaces. The stand is made from solid pine from an FSC-certified forest. The stand is stained and finished with weather protective wood oil.

It’s best suited to larger spreader bar hammocks which typically require a longer hanging distance than gathered-end hammocks. There are chains included to adjust the length making it suitable for any hammocks between 10-12ft in length.

The stand is 5ft high and has a weight capacity of up to 450lbs which is suitable for two adults or an adult with two kids.

Heavy-Duty Pick: Caribbean Hammocks Wooden Stand

Made from Siberian Larch Wood which is known for it’s strength and resistance to temperature
High weight capacity of 550lbs
Suitable for most types of hammock
Recommend re-applying varnish to ensure it lasts over time

Length: 13ft // Weight Capacity: 550lbs // Material: Wood (Siberia Larch Wood) // Price: $$$ // Recommended Hammock Size: 9-11 feet // Hammock Included? No

Caribbean Hammocks is a relatively new competitor but their wood arc hammock stand is highly praised. It’s made from ‘A’ grade Siberia Larch Wood which is technically a softwood although it’s actually tougher than many hardwoods.

The wood grows in sub-zero temperatures so it’s very durable and is the same wood often used for cladding homes. This is why the stand has such a high weight capacity of 550lbs, despite being 13 ft long.

The stand comes with all the tools required to construct it and has two chains included that make it suitable for a range of hammock sizes between 9-11ft. The stand would be best used with a spreader bar hammock, although you could still use a Brazilian hammock.

The wood is treated for protection against the elements, although some users have reported cracking over time so it’s advisable for regularly apply varnish to keep it in good condition (more on this below).

Caring for Your Wooden Hammock Stand

Unlike stainless steel stands, it’s much harder to take down a wooden hammock stand during the winter months or when it’s not in use. However, I have got some helpful tips to ensure it lasts as long as possible:

Use a hammock stand cover

Instead of taking the stand down, using a cover over the top can protect the stand from excessive water during the winter. You can also leave the hammock on the stand if using a cover.

This Island Retreat hammock stand cover is designed for stands up to 15ft which would be suitable for all of the stands shared above.

Hammock stands aren’t cheap and can often cost more than hammocks themselves, so you can create your own cover from tarpauline or use covers designed for other outdoor furniture.

Treat the wood annually

Over time, the protection applied by the manufacturer will wear off, the wood will age and you may notice small cracks starting to appear. This is very natural and luckily it can be solved by applying a fresh layer of oil or varnish each year, if not twice a year.

I’d recommend giving a wooden stand a slight sanding before applying the varnish. Be careful not to use a wood stain as this will simply add color but won’t protect against rain or UV rays. Instead, opt for a Urethane varnish coating such as this one from System Three.